USF Offers Elite ATH after Visit

Vegas Harley is an elite athlete that plays QB for Mount Dora, but is also being recruited for several other positions. This past weekend the 6-foot-0, 180 pound athlete with a great football name took a trip to Tampa to check out USF during their Junior Day and left with an offer. Read on for all the details

Vegas Harley is a stand-out athlete that plays quarterback for Mount Dora HS on the outskirts of Orlando. This past weekend the 6-foot-0, 180 pound athlete with a great football name took a trip to Tampa to check out USF during their Junior Day and liked what he saw and heard over the weekend.

"I went to USF last weekend, and it was fun," said Harley. "They got a lot going for them over there."

Harley got to see the USF campus and check out the facilities and truly was impressed with what he saw.

"Everything was gorgeous, the campus is beautiful, the facilities were nice and I kind of like the life over there in Tampa," said Harley. "They have a real nice weight room, it's big and getting a good workout won't be a problem. They got beautiful practice fields, two grass fields and one artificial turf. They were just gorgeous."

While on the visit Harley got to meet with the USF coaches and spoke a lot with Bulls offensive coordinator Todd Fitch,

"I talked with the coaching staff and they seem like great coaches," said Harley. "I can also tell that they're a lot of fun to be around."

Harley also got to watch the team practice and see how the Bulls coaches work with the players up close.

"Watching practice was great. I loved it and it was full of intensity, "said Harley. "I got to see firsthand how the coaches coach. They seem like a great bunch of coaches and people to be coached by. I felt like I could learn from them."

During the trip Vegas was able to meet with the USF players and asked them questions about the school and the program.

"It was real cool. The coaches brought the players in and then left the room so we could talk to them with full honesty," said Harley. "I could tell that they really enjoyed where they were and with their choice. They said that they were family there and said at anytime you can call a player and they be there for you. They made it sound like the whole team is a family and there is a real relationship there."

The standout athlete also got to have a one-on one time with Head Coach Skip Holtz and got some good but unexpected news.

"Coach Holtz brought me into his office to speak with me privately," said Harley. "He told me about the program, his vision, and all the new stuff they have coming in. He then said we'd be happy to have you and offered me right there. I was really surprised by that."

"Getting the offer from the Bulls head coach felt great, especially when you're not expecting it," said Harley. "It boosts my morale up and gives me motivation to be a better player."

Harley played mostly QB for Mount Dora, throwing for 1,261 yards and 14 touchdowns while rushing for 1,837 yards and 15 scores, but is being recruited to play on both sides of the Ball

"Coach Holtz told me that my defensive coordinator would love to have you and my offensive would love to have you," said Harley. "He said that he felt that I'd be best on the offensive side of the ball and be able to use my playmaking abilities. We didn't really get into position specifics, but said if I wanted to play QB I'd have to come in fight for that position."

"I would love to play the quarterback position at the next level," said Harley. "But schools are recruiting me for all over the field, and I'm sure that whatever position I play I intend to be the absolute best at it. If it's at quarterback then I'll try and be the best QB in the nation, and if it's at receiver or DB, then I'll try and be the best at that."

The elite athlete said he's now up to four offers and is receiving plenty of interests from different college programs.

"I have four offers from Illinois, Memphis, FIU, and now USF," said Harley. "I have a couple of other schools showing interest in me as well. I've been hearing from Florida, FSU, Alabama, North Carolina, and UCF."

At this time Harley said it's too early to name a leader, but he is interested in several schools around the state, and knows what's most important to him when it comes time to make a choice.

"I'm looking at the Florida schools in general the most, UF, Miami, FSU and USF. I've been in Florida my whole life and I'm a Florida boy," said Harley. "I'd like to stay in-state, but if I have to leave I will."

The Mount Dora prospect doesn't have a time frame for when he'll commit, but knows what he's looking for in a program when it comes down to making a choice and it's not all about football.

"Mainly I need to be comfortable where I am and my surroundings," said Harley. "I want to be around people that care about me and can help me when I need it."

Harley has already visited UF and FSU for their junior day and may take some visits this spring.

"I may be going to see Miami, but my coach hasn't let me know all the details about it yet," said Harley. "I'll more about my visits when my coach and I sit down."

The stand-out athlete has a great football name and has an idea of what makes him a special player on the field

"I feel like when I'm on the field I have something to prove and a purpose," said Harley. "I play football with a purpose and everything else comes natural."

"My mom wanted to name me Shannon or something, but I'm real glad my dad stepped in and saved me," said Vegas. "He told me he named me Vegas because one day I was going to be big money, and big money is in Las Vegas."

Stay tuned with as we keep you updated on Vegas Harley and the rest of the 2012 recruiting class.

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