Elite ATH Copeland has 'Perfect Visit' at USF

Treasure Coast ATH/WR Travares Copeland recently picked up several offers and this past weekend the 5-foot-'11, 175 pound 3-star prospect took a Junior Day visit to check out what the Bulls had to offer.

Treasure Coast's stand-out athlete Travares Copeland received his first batch of offers last week, and this past weekend took a Junior Day visit to Tampa to check out what the Bulls had to offer.

"The visit to USF was perfect, all the coaches were great and the facilities were awesome," said Copeland. "I saw a lot of new things and a lot of good things. The way the run drills and the way they use the weights was much different than what we do in high school. It was very eye-opening."

Copeland went on the visit with his coach, teammate linebacker Patrick and an ex-teammate from Westwood. They got to take a short tour of the campus, go over the academics and got an up-close look at the Bulls facilities and new upgrades, and were very impressed.

"The campus was nice and weight room and the facilities looked great," said Copeland. "I especially liked their practice fields, they were beautiful and I never seen anything like it, they use the same grass as the NFL uses and the artificial one looked sweet, that was definitely a plus."

The 5-foot-11, 175 pound standout has an arm and can play QB, but his athleticism and versatility have colleges recruiting him at several different positions, and this weekend the bulls talked about where they see him playing.

"They want me to play offense and we talked about me playing wide receiver," said Copeland. "They said I'm a great athlete and look good with the ball in my hand."

After checking out everything Copeland was able to go watch the Bulls practice and really enjoyed seeing how they do things.

"Practice was very intense. It wasn't long but there was no break so everything was on time," said Copeland. "As soon as they would finish one drill they would jump in another and kept things moving and that was perfect."

"It was very cool, I was watching the receivers, the quarterbacks and the DB's, but mostly the offense and it was a lot of fun," said Copeland. "I feel like I can compete with them, and honestly I feel that I'm better than most the WRs."

The Treasure Coast athlete enjoyed seeing all the Bulls facilities and got a chance to talk with a number of the USF coaches.

"They really liked me and are very interested in me," said Copeland. ""I like the coaching staff and they really liked me and are very interested in me as a player," said Copeland. "Coach KP is my kind of guy. He's out going, very funny and can relate to me."

"They were very open-minded and they know what they want from within their program," said Copeland. "They made me feel at home and I didn't feel like I only met them just once, I felt like I've known them for awhile. It was perfect and it felt like home."

He also got to spend some one-on one time with Head Coach Skip Holtz and liked the coach's style of doing things.

"Coach Holtz was telling me how great of an athlete I am and how much he loved me, especially on the offensive side of the ball. He has his own style and doesn't let his job interfere with his relationship with the kids. He doesn't play that typical head coach role and is just being himself."

In addition to learning everything about the football program, Copeland also got to learn about the academic side of USF.

"They really stressed academics and said if you fall short it's hard to get back up," said Copeland. "They have tutors and everything you need so it's going to be hard to fall back, because they have everybody pulling for and have a lot of support, so you want to work hard and get good grades."

Copeland was also able to meet some of the players, talk with them and get a feel for how they are.

"We were able to talk with the players and ask them questions. I asked them what the biggest transition was from high school and they said it was the game speed, the size of the players and the intensity level," said Copeland. "Everyone is together, and they all look out for each other. If you're a Bull, everybody has your back."

Being his first time checking out USF, there were a few things that Travares didn't expect.

"I didn't expect they everything would all be that comfortable," said Copeland. "You don't know what to expect when you come in, but the vibe there was good and everyone made feel at home."

"They really want to win and build up their program," said Copeland. "They're very serious about working hard and achieving their goals. That and how much of a family they all are."

After making the trip and seeing the Bulls up close, Travares talked about how the visit affected how he feels about the Bulls.

"My opinion of them definitely increased after the visit," said Copeland. "I feel like I could play with them and felt at home over there. They have some cool players and coaches in my book."

Being that he just made his first visit to one of the schools that have offered him, Copeland isn't ready to name any leaders.

"I don't have a favorite or leader yet," said Copeland. "I have a lot more schools to visit, and I'll probably be able to name some leaders after I take a few more visits."

The standout athlete plans on being busy over the next month with visits and will also be on the campus of USF this weekend for the upcoming Badger 7-on-7 tournament.

"I may see Miami soon, and FIU wants me to come down and West Virginia wants be to come up, but that's far so I have to make advance plans for that," said Copeland. "I'll be at USF again this weekend for the 7on7. I'm playing on a team called ‘Child Please', they were the Treasure Coast All-Stars last year, but changed the name. Hopefully we'll do very well because Sundays my birthday too."

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