S Jordan Diggs Really Enjoys Visit to USF

It's been a busy spring for safety Jordan Diggs. The 6-foot-1, 194 pound prospect has transferred to a new school, getting offers and visiting college campuses. On Tuesday the standout defensive prospect made a trip to Tampa to check out USF and see what the Bulls had to offer, and came away very impressed.

Jordan Diggs, a 6-foot-1, 194 pound elite defensive prospect has been busy training, getting offers, All-American invites, and taking visits, all while getting used to his new school at Island Coast.

"Everything's going great. I've just been working out, becoming a better athlete and adjusting to the new school," said Diggs. "I love it here at Island Coast. It's a great place with a great environment. I'm here with guys like Mario Pender, Mike Dumas, and Willie Fleming, and we're all competing and working together."

Diggs has also been busy checking out some in-state programs. He visited Florida State , and Miami , and also visited Florida for a game. His recently made a trip to Tampa with his coach and teammate to check out USF and see what the Bulls had to offer.

"I got a chance to go up to USF and really liked it, everything was just great," said Diggs. "I met with Coach Snyder, Coach Holtz and Coach Smith and had a really good time. I got to ask some questions that I needed to have answered and it was a great day."

"I met with Coach Snyder first, and he's my boy. He showed us the campus, facilities and met with the academic people, and that was real nice. They talked about how big they are on academics and it's not just about football, and about having the balance between school and football. It was a great visit and a great time."

The Island Coast prospect got to see the USF campus and all the changes they've done to the athletic village.

"I got a chance for the first time to see their new practice fields and everything they have going on up there. Everything is really nice, they've done some great things and they're getting ready to some amazing things at USF. The weight room was great and has everything you could ever need. I saw all they did with their new practice complex and new fields. I got to actually walk on these beautiful new grass fields and a turf field and they have a section on the side for all the work out equipment. It was great and I loved everything about it."

"I also got a chance to tour the campus and it's just beautiful," said Diggs. "I loved the student Marshall Center, it's where you can go study and they have all these restaurants right there and I really loved that part. It was huge and beautiful and all these students were sitting down and studying and eating in between classes and it seemed like a great atmosphere to be in."

Diggs got to spend a lot of time with the USF defensive coordinator Mark Snyder and secondary Coach Rick Smith, and got to see how the coach saw him in their system and liked what he heard.

"I talked with Coach Snyder about what plans they had for me on defense and how they saw me fitting into their system," said Diggs. "He said how they liked my style of play and I'm the type of guy their looking for to help out their program. He said how much he likes my film, likes what I do on the field and how I'd be a perfect fit for them at the free safety spot. He talked about how they move them around, bring them in the box, blitz them a lot, and that's what I do. It was a great conversation."

"Coach Smith is my dog and we talk all the time," said Diggs. "He's a great guy. He's a bit older, but I know he's a great coach and has been in the game for awhile with a lot of experience. He's put a lot of guys into the league and being coached by a guy like him would be great.

The elite prospect also got the opportunity to spend time talking one-on-one with the Bulls head Coach Skip Holtz for the first time.

"I had about a 45 minute one on one with Coach Holtz and that went great. I got to ask him a bunch of questions and got a lot of good answers," said Diggs. "That was my first time being able to meet with him like that and was real cool sitting with him face to face and I picked up a great vibe right away, so that was cool. He told me how I fit into their program and they are looking forward to me coming in and being an impact player for them."

Diggs also got to spend time with several USF players

"Quenton Washington was with us pretty much the whole time, Coach Bowen also coached him in high school, so their tight," said Diggs. "My older brother and he were close friends, so I knew him growing up. His mom and my mom are friends and he's a good cat. I'm also friends with Spencer Boyd, but he had classes. Tyson Butler and I are the closest and that's my boy. He's been dealing with injuries but he wants his shot and is going to push through rehab and get on the field. They said a lot of great things about USF and where they're heading as a program."

The elite safety talked about how the visit affected how he feels about USF and their football program.

"Overall USF is high on my list. They're a top notch program and have a lot to offer," said Diggs. "I like the fact that compared to other programs that already have an established tradition, at USF you can actually go in there and have the opportunity to create tradition and build them to be included with the big time programs in the country. I like the fact that I could be a part of that."

"Actually I needed that visit I needed to get up there and actually see what they have going on," said Diggs. "There have been a lot of changes since the last time I was up there. I went up there before for a camp, and it didn't look like anything that I saw yesterday. It was real good for me to get up there and I enjoyed it and was real happy being there. I was all ready giving them a look, but it was what I needed to see from that program."

"They're making big changes with their program to get it to the next level, and they're an up and coming program that's on the rise," said Diggs. "I would love to be part of something like that."

Diggs offer list has grown to 17 with recent offers from Louisville , Tennessee , Kansas , and Purdue joining schools like South Florida , Ohio State , Ole Miss , South Carolina , Boston College , Connecticut , Kentucky , Maryland , Nebraska , Vanderbilt , West Virginia and Central Florida. Diggs says he's staying humble and enjoying the process while evaluating the programs.

"I don't have a short list of school. I'm pretty much excited about every school that offers me," said Diggs. "As far as leaders, I have coaches that I have great relationships with and that's pretty much it right now."

Diggs talks about what schools he does have great relationships with at this point in the process.

"I would say definitely Coach McGriff and Coach Shoop at Vanderbilt, Coach Snyder and Coach Smith at USF, Coach Johnson and Coach Haynes at Ohio State, and Coach Magnus at South Carolina," said Diggs. "I talk with those guys all the time and have great relationships."

As for what's up next Diggs said he plans on being busy checking out schools starting with the out of state programs first, and working his back.

‘I'm going to try to start working to see the schools that have offered me from outside of the state first, and I'll probably see Ohio State next," said Diggs. "Then work my way back in and see the in-state schools. On the way back in I'll see schools like USF of course. I'll stop in Tallahassee to see FSU, and stop in Gainesville and places like that."

With no true leaders while evaluating the different programs Diggs doesn't have a timetable for when he'll decide, but does know what he'll be focusing on in making his choice.

"I'm pretty much going to be looking at the facts, you're always going to have great vibes with coaches, so I want to go where they fit my style of play and where I fit in at," said Diggs. "I'm going to be looking at depth charts heavy because I want to play early. I want to know that where I'll be for the next 4-5 years I'll be around great coaches that are going to be there. I don't want to commit and then have the coaching staff change. I know Coach Snyder and Coach Holtz are going to be there and that's a plus for them. I'm just looking for a place where I'll go in with the same bunch of coaches that love me and help build their program."

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