Armwood OL Adds Offers & has a Leader

Armwood offensive lineman Kevin McCoy earned several post seasons honors following his junior season, but was still somewhat flying under the radar. Recently the 6-foot-5, 273 pound tackle received several big time offers and is starting to lose his "sleeper" tag. Read on for all the details to see who offered, who his leader is and why.

Offensive tackle Kevin McCoy plays for Armwood HS in Tampa, a program that is loaded with division I prospects. The 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect is also part of a returning Hawk offensive line that should be the best in the Bay area and has been doing everything he can to become a better player on the field.

"I've been working hard this off season to improve as a player," said McCoy. "I've been working a lot on my legs and definitely have gotten faster, more balanced and I've also gotten a lot stronger, but where I've improved the most is my agility and being more athletic in general."

The 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect plays right tackle, but can play either position if necessary.

"I can play on either side, but feel more comfortable playing on the right. They may play me at left this side, so we'll see what happens this spring," said McCoy. "I think my best asset is that I'm a very coachable player and am always asking the coach what I can do to get better. I'm very teachable and that's why I think I've improved so much over the past year I've come a long way."

McCoy was named first team All-Western Conference Football and received All-county honors as a junior, but that wasn't always the case as this is just his third year playing football.

"I never played football before and my dad forced me after my freshman year because he didn't want me to be a couch potato. So I was forced to play sports and football and I hated it, didn't try and was terrible at it," said McCoy. "My second year I got in to it, started to try and ended up started on JV. I began to improve but had to change my mind set to become more physical. Entering my junior year they told me I was starting and that changed everything. I didn't have a choice but to get better. That's when I started to enjoy the game and worked my tail off. It was hard and I was exhausted every day, and the coaches were pushing me. It was a tough season because we had a target on our back and I was taking on All-Americans and 4-year starters. It was hard, but a great growing experience for me."

On the recruiting front things have picked up for the linemen as he's been garnering interest and received several scholarships offers from several big time programs.

"So far I received three verbal offers from USF, UF, and Indiana," said McCoy. "I've talked to a coach from Eastern Michigan who said they were coming out and were going to offer and I've also been talking with several recruiting coordinators who said they were coming out this spring to watch me."

The home town Bulls were the first to offer the Armwood tackle and that completely caught the lineman off guard. Then Florida offered and Indiana followed.

"USF offered me in March and I was shocked and couldn't believe it when they offered me," said McCoy. "Considering where I came from I can't believe I'm even starting on the team, and to get a scholarship offer from USF was simply amazing. I'm still in shock over all of it. It's huge for me."

"My coach told me UF offered me in the beginning of April," said McCoy. "About a week later a Florida Coach came down and watched us work out, I can't remember his name, but he told me about the offer and congratulated me for receiving it. Indiana called coach Callahan about the offer, but I haven't had a chance yet to talk to them."

Bulls' offensive line Coach Steve Shankweiler is also the recruiting coordinator for Armwood and already has formed a relationship with McCoy.

"I really like coach Shankweiler and talk to him almost every week. He's probably the only coach that I do talk to a lot and actually talks to me," said McCoy. "He seems like he can be real cool and fun, but when it comes down to getting work done, gets down to business, and that's what I like in a coach.. I really like the school and their football program, and right now they are at the top of my list."

The rising senior talks about what puts USF at the top of his list.

"Out of all the schools talking to me USF is showing the most interest in me and that they really want me. Every week I get hand written letters, not just typed up letters and I talk to Coach Shank every week," said McCoy. "USF is a good football program. They may not be the best in the country, but being at the best isn't what's important to me. It's the one that I'll play the most, who will help me improve the most, where I like it the most, and feel the most comfortable at."

"I think USF is on the rise as a program, they won a bowl game last year and the year before that, and are on the cusp of doing big things," said McCoy."It's also close to home and I don't really want to go to school to for away."

McCoy couldn't attend the USF junior days due to the ACT, but has been to the campus and caught a game last season.

"I haven't been on an actually visit, and will do so soon, but I've seen the campus and saw part of the facilities, and last season I went to a game at Raymond James stadium," said McCoy. "The campus is very nice, and they're redoing a lot of things making it more modern and I do like that. I saw the weight room, it's big, nice and everything is new and I liked it. The practice fields are also very nice and way better than most game fields."

"Last year they invited me to the game against Pittsburgh and they gave us a tour of the whole stadium. It was huge and very nice," said McCoy. "I got to walk on the field meet the players on the sidelines, and see guys I know that I haven't seen in awhile. I got to stand in the middle of it and it was a lot of fun."

The Armwood lineman also got to meet Coach Holtz briefly, but liked what he saw out of the Bulls head Coach.

"I like Coach Holtz and he seems like a really cool guy," said McCoy. "He seems like a player's coach and has big things in store for the program."

The stand-out lineman knows what is important when it does come time to make his decision.

"Playing time is important to me, and I learned that while playing for Armwood. I told myself that if I'm not going to play a lot, then I'm not going to play at all," said McCoy. "I don't want to be carried and just be a body. I want to be involved and partake in the victories, be part of the improvement of the team, the wins, and be an integral part of the team."

"Coaching relationships are very big to me," said McCoy. "I want a coach that knows me, understands me, and can help me grow as a player."

In the classroom McCoy is a solid student and a member of the honor society.

"My grades are actually pretty good, I have a 3.9 GPA, am in the top 25% of my class and I'm already a member of the NHS and just won a position for proletarian," said McCoy. "I got a 19 the first time I took the ACT, but am going to take it again."

McCoy hasn't been able to do any combines, but with spring football beginning this week, McCoy expects plenty of coaches to come by to check him and all his teammates out. He also plans on taking some visits this summer.

"We're expecting a lot of programs to come by once we begin practice and even Coach Shankweiler told me he'll be coming by later this week," said McCoy. "We got a lot of players being recruited this year, and last year was crazy. So I expect this spring to be the same. This summer I plan on taking some visits and check out some schools. I want to take a full visit to USF and see the official run down they have for me. I would like to see UF also if I can."

Stay tuned with as we keep you updated on Kevin McCoy rand the rest of the 2012 recruiting class.

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