Jupiter QB Cameron Plans on Trimming List

Tyler Cameron, the 6-foot-3, 216-pound three-star quarterback from Jupiter, FL, has 13 scholarship offers and plans on trimming his list after the spring. Read on for all the details and get the inside scoop

Tyler Cameron, the 6-foot-3.5, 216-pound three-star quarterback from Jupiter, FL, has been busy this spring learning a new offense, being nominated to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and getting recruited by college programs.

"The spring is going great so far. I've been working on my drops, playing under center and getting used to playing in a pro-style and leaning the whole concept to our offense," said Cameron. "I'm absorbing it, it's totally different than the spread, but I think overall it's the best thing for me and my development as a QB."

As a junior Cameron only played in seven games because of a torn left labrum, but still finished with 820 yards passing and seven touchdowns, while rushing for 600 yards and six touchdowns. He's labeled as a duel threat quarterback, but isn't limited to just that style.

"I feel I can play any style of offense, pro-style, duel-threat, it doesn't matter" said Cameron. "Right now I'm getting coached by probably the best coach in our county, Eric Kresser he played in college and in the NFL, so he's been through it."

"My best assets are my ability to read defenses, escape, I'm accurate and feel that I can make any throw and can make all the plays," said Cameron. "I have a strong arm, but also have speed and can run the ball too. I run the 40 between a high 4.5 to a low 4.6."

Things have been going good on the recruiting front as Cameron already had 11 offers including ones from South Florida, Boston College, Rutgers, Louisville, Illinois, Wake Forest, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Purdue, Marshall, and Florida Atlantic. And recently his list just grew by two.

"Things are going great, I just got my 12th and 13th offer yesterday from UCF and Memphis," said Cameron. "Duke hasn't offered yet, but is showing a lot of interest and could be close."

With an impressive list of offers growing by the day, Cameron doesn't claim any leaders, but does plan on trimming his list after the spring.

"Right now it's wide open, and I'm waiting on my spring game to narrow it down," said Cameron. "I'm looking at who has the best quarterback situation and where I fit in best. I'll narrow it down and then go and check out all the school during the summer time, and I'll have a pretty good idea by then."

While looking for the best QB situation, several schools have caught Cameron's attention.

"There's a couple, USF has a good situation, Duke has a good one, Purdue, Illinois, they all have a pretty good situation," said Cameron. "Wake Forest has a good one, so does Michigan State. I just have to see who has the best one."

Cameron did say that a few schools are recruiting him harder and what coaches he talks to the most.

"I talk to Coach Vaas at USF quite a bit, Coach Nord from Purdue, Coach Brohm from Illinois, and coach Stagen from Michigan State," said Cameron.

The Jupiter quarterback is being recruited by USF quarterback coach Peter Vaas

"Coach Vass tells me about USF and how it's a great place to be, also about the quarterback situation they have there, and how I would do in their system," said Cameron. "I like Coach Vaas and think he's a great guy. I talk to him often and he's always upbeat, positive, and a great guy."

Cameron has been to Tampa to watch the Bulls play at Raymond James and has been by the school to check out the campus and facilities.

"I was there in February and was really impressed how nice it was," said Cameron. "I've seen their facilities quite a bit and thought they were very nice, new, modern, and very clean. Everything looked brand new."

"I think it's a great place to be working out and they building so much new stuff there," said Cameron. "When I was there they were building new practice fields, and all kinds of things. I think it's going to be awesome and real nice. I heard they were done now and saw them a little on the John Gruden show. I really want to go back and check them out."

The 3-star prospect rated the No. 33 best in the country by Scout has seen USF play live, on TV and likes the offense they run.

"I've watched them play and they run a little bit of everything," said Cameron. "I went into the meeting room and saw all the formations they have. They run a pro-style, the pistol, the spread, and a little bit of everything which is real good."

While he's wide open in the recruiting process, Cameron talks about what he liked about the USF football program.

"I think USF is a program that is on the verge of being something great and I think they can do some big things in the near future," said Cameron. "I like the coaching staff they have there and have a very good relationship with them."

Cameron has already been to USF, FSU, Miami, and Georgia, and plans on being very busy this spring and summer checking out different programs.

"I'm already seen a few and I'm going to see a lot more as school gets out," said Cameron. "I'm going to UCF this weekend and this summer I may go on a tour and see a lot of schools. I just don't where or when yet. I'm excited and it's going to be a lot of traveling, but it's going to be fun and good to see everyone."

Plenty of coaches have been stopping by practice and he expects several to come by this week.

"There have been a lot of coaches coming through," said Cameron. "USF, Kentucky, Miami, UCF all said they're coming by, and LSU said they're coming by for my spring game next week."

Once spring is over Cameron said he plans on narrowing things down to a top five or six schools and know what he focusing on in making his choice.

"I'm looking at who they have before me at quarterback, what kind of style offense they're running, what's the best QB situation, and how I fit in," said Cameron. "How they did last year and what coaches are there. I want to be around good coaches that will be there and help me develop as a player."

Cameron carries a 3.2 GPA, scored a 20 on the ACT and is set to graduate in December, so he plans on committing early.

"My coach says to commit once you get that feeling, and I hope to do that after taking my visits," said Cameron. "I plan on doing that before my season starts, but if something happens I'll make it after."

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