Auburn Offers OT Kevo McCoy, Bulls Still Lead

Offensive tackle Kevin McCoy plays for Armwood HS in Tampa, a program that is loaded with division I prospects, and is receiving a lot of recruiting interest. The 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect has several BCS offers and just received another big one on Tuesday from the current National champs. Read on for all the details and stay informed.

Armwood offensive tackle Kevin McCoy has had a very good spring and colleges have taken notice of the Tampa product. The 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect had several big offers in hand and received another big one on Tuesday.

"My spring is going great and actually today I received an offer from Auburn, and that was good, "said McCoy. "I talked to the coach and he told me he liked me and I had an offer."

The 6-foot-5, 273 pound offensive tackle prospect was very happy to get the offer from the current National champs and shows his hard work is paying off.

"It feels good to get that offer," said McCoy. "Auburn is a good school. It means I'm doing the right things"

McCoy already had offers from USF, Florida, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan, but with the parade of coaches coming by to see the talent laden Armwood team. Expect more to come.

"There have been a lot of coaches coming by practice, I'd say about eight coaches a day," said McCoy. "At are spring Jamboree last Friday there were about twenty coaches on the sidelines. It was crazy."

With several big time offers from teams with national championships trophies in their case, McCoy still favors the hometown Bulls.

"Yeah, I'd say USF is still at the top," said McCoy. "I think a big part of it is the chemistry between the coach and I. Me and Coach Shankweiler get along great. They're also showing a lot of interest in me."

The Armwood offensive tackle said he's already has a relationship with the Bulls coach, and likes what he's done with his players.

"He kind of reminds me of our coach that I have now. They're the type of coach that likes to have fun, but when the time comes to get stuff done, they get down to business. I like that balance in a coach," said McCoy. "I like the way he coaches the linemen and his O-line looks huge. When I went there last year to see the offensive line, they looked so big to me and they play hard."

With plenty of coaches coming by, McCoy has been getting plenty of attention, had the opportunity to talk with a lot of coaches and is eager to see what other programs offer.

"I've been talking with a lot of coaches. I talk with coach Shankweiler, the coach from Eastern Michigan Coach Maddox. I also talked to Coach Frey from Indiana," said McCoy. "I've also talked to Oklahoma State, Missouri, UCONN. I met with North Carolina State, Marshall, and some others, but I can't remember them all.

"I'm just excited to see what other schools are going to offer me," said McCoy. "And also see what they have to offer me as a program."

McCoy carries a 3.9 GPA and is a member of the honor society, but doesn't plan on graduating early.

"No I'm going to stay and enjoy my last couple of months of high school," said McCoy "One of my o-line teammates that transferred from Dr. Phillips Jack Lightsey is doing that, but I'm going to stay."

The stand-out linemen hasn't taking any visits yet this spring but plans on being busy this summer seeing schools.

"I plan on taking all my college visits once school gets out this summer. Right now I have exams too worry about," said McCoy. "I don't when I'm going yet, but I plan on seeing as many as I can."

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