Bulls Launch the USF Fight Song campaign

The University of South Florida Athletic Department is looking to establish a sense of pride, passion and pay homage to the USF traditions by launching the USF Fight Song campaign, along with the website USFFightsong.com. Coach Holtz made all players and coaches learn it and are challenging the fans to learn the song as well.

When USF Head Coach Skip Holtz came to town he ushered in a new era for USF football, but at the same time wanted to install a sense of pride and passion and pay homage to all the traditions that the program had over the first 13 years. One of the first things Holtz did was making it a requirement that all players and coaches would learn the USF Fight Song. At the conclusion of training camp at Vero Beach last year the USF flag was raised and all the players sang the USF fight song, a tune that all players had to learn and sing in front of the team before camp ended.

Now Holtz, along with the USF Athletic Department, is looking to further establish these traditions, and is challenging the fans to learn the song as well. To help accomplish this, USF has launched the USF Fight Song campaign, along with the website USFFightsong.com.

Fans who visit USFFightsong.com can watch additional scenes from the making of USF's TV commercial and also listen to the opera version of the fight song sung by offensive lineman Chaz Hine.

The Bulls also encourage fans to upload their own versions of the USF Fight Song and USF athletics will select the top versions submitted, with the winners being selected through a vote by Bulls fans. One winning video will be selected for each home game and the seven winners will get their video shown on the video board prior to kickoff at Raymond James Stadium and will also have their video featured on USFFightsong.com.

This is our team. This is our song. Can U Feel It?

USF Bulls are we,
We hold our standard upright and free.
For green and gold we stand united,
Our beacon lighted and noble to see.
USF Bulls are we,
For USF we'll always be.
With all our might,
We fight the battle here and now,
And we will win the victory.
S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A! South Florida! South Florida!
Go Bulls go!

USF Bulls Are We … USFFightsong.com

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