New Commit Excited to Create History at USF

We already reported that McEachern offensive lineman Kofi Amichia from Powder Spring, GA has made his college choice to play for USF. Now find out more about the 6-foot-4, 268 pound lineman who talks about his decision and what put the Bulls over the top.

Now that McEachern standout Kofi Amichia has made his is commitment to play for the University of South Florida, here's more about the Bulls newest commit and why he chose USF.

Before the spring Amichia was receiving interest from college programs, but was still looking for his first offer, than during the Nike Combine tour in Atlanta Amichia tuned in an impressive performance. He posted a 4.41 shuttle time, ran a 5.08 in the 40 yard dash, jumped an outstanding 31.9 inches in the vertical and also had a 42-foot power ball toss, setting an offensive lineman high for the SPARQ Rating at106.26.

The 6-foot-4, 268 pound lineman said he currently benches 315 pounds, squats 430 pounds, and racked up 42 pancake blocks during his junior season. He also gets it done in the classroom and carries a 3.0 GPA with a 1350 SAT score.

"I'm an athletic guy and finish my blocks," said Amichia. "I'm very physical at the point of attack, know how to use my hands, and think I move my feet pretty well for a big guy. I just need to hone my skills and keep improving to be the best player I can be."

Before choosing USF, Kofi recently visited the Bulls campus with his parents and talks about his trip to Tampa.

"We got in around 11 and first got greeted by Coach Larry Scott, my recruiting coordinator and he brought us upstairs and introduced us to the rest of the staff. After that Coach Blackwell took us on a tour around the campus, showed us where the players stay and how they interact, and all that kind of stuff. It was all real nice."

Kofi said he enjoyed seeing the USF campus and everything the school had to offer.

"The campus is real big, nice, and was laid out nicely, so it's easy to get from the dorms to your classes. Not to mention the weather was just great," said Amichia. "They had a bunch of cafeterias, so you never have to go too far to get something to eat, so that's nice. The players have a nice set up where they stay, and it just seems like a real comfortable place to be."

Kofi who carries a 3.0 GPA and a 1350 SAT score and wants to major in electrical engineering was impressed with the academic side of USF.

"I like the way the treat academics for the student athletes," said Kofi. "I met with the academic advisors and they showed me their academic rankings, what they expect out of their student athletes, and what they have in place to help them with programs, tutors, laptops, and make sure you get what you need."

"When we got back Coach Holtz was there waiting to talk to us, he had to go somewhere but wanted to talk to us before he left. He told us how much he liked me and wanted me as part of his program, and thinks together we can be part of something special at USF. Coach Holtz is a real nice guy, he's funny, energetic, and seems like he really cares about his players, not just for football, but for everything. He's great to just be around and I can't say one bad thing about him."

"After that we went with coach Shankweiler and he showed us some techniques they use and things like that," said Amichia. ". He's a great coach and just good to be around and seems to know a lot about coaching. He said they're looking at me as both a tackle and at guard for right now. I really like Coach Shank and Coach Scott, both seem like great coaches and even better people."

The McEachern standout got his first look at the USF facilities and liked everything he saw.

"The facilities were real nice," said Kofi. "The weight room had everything you need and everything looked brand new. The training room was probably the best I've ever seen. They had everything, training tables; rehab pools and even had an x-ray machine in there. I feel like they had a good training staff and doctors to take care of you too. The practice complex was awesome looking, they got two grass fields, a turf field, and they had a work out area for the linemen that were real cool looking. They also talked about all the additions they got planned like a new indoor practice facility."

Getting to see the area surrounding the USF campus was also a big plus for Amichia and his family.

"The trip helped a lot, besides seeing the campus, the facilities and meeting everybody we also got to see the whole area around the campus, saw a lot of great restaurants, places like Bush Gardens, and everything was just real nice. I got to see the MLK center and me and my family like that.'

Before making his trip to Tampa, Kofi had USF among his top five choices, but that changed after his visit.

"They were in my top five coming in," said Kofi. "Afterwards they moved all the way to number one."

Kofi was high on USF after his visit, but waited a few days before deciding to make his decision final.

"After I took my visit I was thinking about committing, I loved my visit, I have family down that way, and thought it was a great place," said Kofi. "My family loved it and I've been thinking about it, but decided to wait until today, which is my birthday to do it."

Amichia talks about how the commitment went down.

"I called my recruiting coordinator Coach Scott, he got with Coach Shankweiler, and then they called, Coach Holtz, who was in his office and he ran down the hall to come talk to me. Everybody was real excited and were making a big deal about it, they seemed real happy to have me. I was real excited and so was my family, we made a great choice."s

Kofi said what the factor were that put USF over the top.

"A big thing was just the way they treat their players, they're very family orientated, and they seem to really care about each other, and all respect each other," said Amichia. "When I went there they treated me like I was one of their own already, like I was a son or a brother, and I didn't even choose them yet. They cared about me even after I got hurt during the spring. They said my offer was still good and that they wanted me and knew I could play. A lot of schools weren't as high on me after that, but they stayed with me, and that meant a lot."

"As a football program, they're great, even with only playing football for 14 or so seasons, they've come a long way," said Amichia. "Last year they beat Miami, and beat a good Clemson team in their bowl game. The year before they beat Florida State, and a few years before that they beat Auburn. They're still coming up, but have already done a lot. They're doing so much with the program, with building all new facilities, getting big time players, and have all the right fundamentals in place to do big things in the future."

"The coaching staff is simply great," said Amichia. "They're all real cool, they know when to be serious, and at the same time joke around and have a good time. When they practice, they definitely know how to get down to business, but do it in the right way. They get on you, but not in a bad way and help you when you need it. I thought they treated the players real nice."

Kofi said he may take a visit or too, because it's an experience many people don't get to have, but is solid with USF.

"I feel great about my choice and I'm 100 percent committed to USF," said Amichia "I'm excited and ready to be a Bull!"

"That's another thing, I could have went to any other school and be part of their existing history, "said Amichia. "But by going to USF I can be part of creating history. They're a program on the rise and will be making history, and I couldn't be any more excited to be a part of that!"

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