USF Visit Impresses Standout OL McCoy

Armwood's Kevin McCoy is one of the top offensive tackles in the greater Tampa Bay area with 10 scholarship offers. The 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect recently took a trip to check out what the hometown Bulls had to offer and came away very impressed.

Kevin McCoy, Armwood's standout offensive tackle received his first offer from USF during the spring and recently took a visit to check out what the Bulls had for him, and is happy that he made the trip.

"I visited USF with our tight end Coach Kelly and had a great visit," said McCoy. "I'm really glad I went because I learned a lot and didn't know that USF had so much to offer."

The Armwood lineman got in early and began to see what campus life was like at USF for a football player

"When we first got there we met with Coach Shankweiler and then got to watch the linemen workout and then do some skills stuff outside," said McCoy. "They work really fast and hard with a high tempo, there's no laziness and they got after it. I got to meet a few of the players and they seemed real nice."

McCoy, who's a member of the national honor society, then got to see the academic side of USF.

"After that we took a tour and met with an academic guidance counselor specific for the criminology program because I want to major in forensics," said McCoy. "I got to ask her a bunch of questions and got info on the type of classes I would need to take. Then we met with the academic advisor for the football team and found out about the academics that USF offers. It was real good, and I learned a lot."

"I got to see the computer lab and a bunch of the incoming true freshmen that just got there we're in there doing some work with tutors," said McCoy. "I found out that at USF all the football players get MacBooks that they can use for school. That was really neat."

Even though McCoy lives close to USF it was his first time actually seeing the school up close.

"We took a tour of the campus and saw the classrooms and student center. They showed me the new dorms and where I would stay if I went there. They're real nice, big and roomy and look like they're pretty new," said McCoy. "Everything was very nice and they're building a whole bunch of new stuff all around the campus. It's a young college that's really attractive physically."

"The athletic facilities are real nice. The weight room has a nice set up, and the practice fields look perfect, like they're game fields," said McCoy. "They building a lot of new things for all the different sports around the Sun Dome, and have plans to build an indoor facility, so it's really becoming very nice over there."

While there, McCoy got to spend time with the staff and meet with the Bulls head coach Skip Holtz for the first time.

"Coach Holtz seemed like he was real easy to talk with and he just told me what USF has for me," said McCoy. "He talked about character and how he needs more players like that, smart players. How staying in town would be beneficial to me beyond just playing in college, but in life after football."

"I met the offensive coordinator and a few others and I like the coaching staff over there. They all seem like good guys," said McCoy. "I really like Coach Shank, he's a great guy. I know it's going to be a different face when practice comes on, but he's just great and someone you can always talk to. I'm really big between the chemistry between a coach and a player.

"It was the first time I got to sit down and have a conversation with Coach Shankweiler," said McCoy. "First we talked about life after football. Then he talked about football and how he really wants me there and told me they have a junior tackle and need a true freshman to back him up. He's really a great guy and a great coach and I love how he is with his players."

"They were the first school to notice me and offer me," said McCoy. "So obviously they want me because they offered me before I even had a name."

McCoy said that he learned a lot while on his visit and found out things that he didn't know and was very glad that he made the trip.

"I didn't know USF had that much to offer. Even though I live so close, I didn't know that much about it. I thought I knew about USF, but I really didn't," said McCoy. "I really like USF as of right now because they have a lot to offer that I didn't expect."

"The biggest thing I learned was definitely the academics side. I didn't think they even offered my major there, and I was almost on the verge of dropping USF because of that," said McCoy but they do have it, and they have other things on the medical side that interest me."

"Overall the visit was great and very beneficial," said McCoy. "They just made my job of picking a school a whole lot harder."

With 10 offers McCoy said he has four schools that he'll be choosing from with two holding an edge.

"Right now my top four is UCF, USF, Vanderbilt, and Auburn and I won't be adding any other schools." said McCoy. "I've only seen Vanderbilt and USF, and I loved them both, but haven't really visited UCF or Auburn yet. I really don't have an order, but right now I'm really high on Vanderbilt and USF.

McCoy said he planned on making an early decision but that may be delayed

"I wanted to make my decision before the season started," said McCoy. "But I don't know how that's looking, because it's going to be hard to decide."

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