QB Commit Cameron Ready to Recruit for USF

On Tuesday Tyler Cameron, one of the top quarterbacks in the southeast announced his decision to play for USF, now the 3-star Jupiter prospect reflects on his choice to be a Bull, trying to make the class of 2012 one of USF's best and more.

How do you feel now that you had a day to think about you decision to be a Bull?

"The main thing I feel is relieved, I feel relief but I'm definitely full of excitement," said Cameron. "Now that I'm a Bull I'm going to start recruiting my class members hard and try to get some more studs in with me. Hopefully I can make this class even better then it is."

What were the main reasons you decide to choose USF as you future college home?

"The main reasons were that I just felt very comfortable there and the great relationship I have with all the coaches. It felt like the right place, the right fit and overall it was the best place for me," said Cameron. "It's a great quarterback situation and I'll have a great chance to play early. Even though I'll be an early enrollee, I plan on redshirting my first year, learning the system and becoming a better a quarterback.

"I've been over to USF many times and that helped build the relationship with the coaches and the players," said Cameron. "I already know a lot of people over there and it just felt like home every time I was there."

"The campus and the facilities are just great and the program is just skyrocketing," said Cameron. "They put so much into it and I've got to see firsthand everything the schools been doing with their facility upgrades to make them one of the best around. "

When did you know you were going to choose USF?

"That's hard to say, I've always liked them and were high on them," said Cameron. "I went back and forth checking out other schools and just felt USF was a better fit than all the other schools."

"They were one of the first schools on me and made me their top targets, and that was a great feeling," said Cameron. "It just kept building from there."

Was there a main reason that put the Bulls over the top for you?

"Just having the chance to play early after I redshirt and B.J. graduates. I‘ll have a chance to go in there and compete with the other quarterbacks for the starting job and you can't ask for anything more than that. Also what I like about USF is they are such a young program that I have a chance to really make an imprint by the time I leave there. If I would've went to a school like Florida or Tennessee I would always be compared to a Tim Tebow or something like that, where at USF I can create my own name and have people be compared to Tyler Cameron."

Talk about the relationships you have with the staff and your future position coach Peter Vass

"Coach Vaas is just a great person, a great coach and a heck of a recruiter," said Cameron. "I really enjoy our relationship and really look forward to the next 4-5 years of learning from him. I'm sure I'll learn the lot, from a physical standpoint to the whole mental game from him. Coach Vass was my quarterback coach's head coach over in Germany in the world league."

"Coach Holtz is just a real genuine person," said Cameron. "We sat in his office, me and my dad and him, and just talked with him about everything and he's just a great guy to talk with. Another thing I liked was when we were over there for the 7on7 camp. I got to see how he interacted. Most head coaches are there for five minutes and leave, but Coach Holtz was everywhere and made sure he was involved with everything and I really liked that."

"I like the whole staff there, and it all started with my head coach and Coach Kevin Patrick," said Cameron. "Coach Parson actually gave his first coaching job at Jupiter, so it's funny how everything just works itself out."

How does it feel to be part of this small but all-star recruiting class?

"It's a smaller class but right now we have a really strong recruiting class, one of the best. I'm excited about the guys we already have committed. I mean Sean Price is just a pure stud and I can't wait to throw to a guy like that. Guys like Lamarlin Wiggins and Rayshawn Jenkins are great guys and I can't wait to thrown to all of them. There's so much talent there, it's going to be awesome. We've got great guys on offense and guys just as good on defense. It's a special class of guys."

"We're not done yet. I'm going to do everything I can to get more studs in this class," said Cameron. "I'm definitely going to work on Dvario Montgomery from Winter Park. I really like him a lot and feel that I can get him on board. I want to get lineman Evan Goodman, he's one guy I talk to quite a bit and seen him out. I know he's committed to Arizona State, but I'm still going to try. I also want to work on the defense end Leonard Williams from Mainland. I want to get him on board as well."

Anything you want to say to Bulls fans now that you're onboard?

"Just tell them I'm happy, excited, and proud to be a Bull," said Cameron. "Get ready because it's going to be a heck of a ride and I can't wait to get there."

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