USF Fall Camp: OL Coach Steve Shankweiler

Now that the Bulls football team in Vero Beach, USFNation caught up with offensive line Coach Shankweiler. Coach talks about what he is seeing out of the guys, offensive line moves, the depth of line and much more.

Offensive line Coach Shankweiler talks about the Bulls O-line during the start of camp

Coach, it's the fourth day of practice; what are you seeing out of the guys so far?

"It's very typical of the fourth day and second day in pads. Everybody in shorts look quick like they know what they're doing. Whether you're leaning against the pads or a leaning against a 300 lb lineman, it wears on you during the day and that conditioning you can only do it when you actually go out here and do it.

So it will take them a few more days to get the pads underneath them so to speak. We're playing high right now and not as good as you'd like but with the older kids there's a lot of retention. I can spend much more time with them on fundamentals rather than assignments.

The younger kids are like keystone cops; they won't know anything. So it's just a matter of me not getting a stroke or any more ulcers [laughs]. No, but we're about where I'd thought we'd be."

With that senior line, it seems that you've been going with Chaz Hine at Center and Danous Estenor at Guard. Is that the line you prefer right now?

No, because there's a guy who is rolling with the third group that could be rolling with the first group. So right now I'm just trying to get four groups work but as it came out of spring practice that's the way it stood. I got to see how Danous progresses at guard and how Chaz does at Center. Coming out of spring that's where it was and so we're going with: this is how it was out of spring and we're going to go a few days like this mainly because we got four groups getting reps. We had one-half groups getting reps last year. At least you're getting to coach a lot of kids.

Are you satisfied with the way Chaz has been snapping?

Oh yeah, he's doing fine

Talk a little bit about the camaraderie you guys have out here in Vero with rooming the offense and defense together and what that does for the kids?

Well, I think that any time there is a familiarity with people you have a chance to develop an understanding and even a kinship when times go tough. I think by rooming kids like that, especially teenagers, most of them haven't been put in a situation where'd they had to live with someone they don't know or didn't particularly like.

It forces you to put your feelings aside and learn to work with someone that's different from you. What happens is, with our experience in the past, is that every team is going to face adversity during the course of the year and when it does, if I have this kinship with somebody like that then I've learned to understand someone that I didn't particularly understand before, then maybe I can understand other guys on the team. It's a way of bonding together and I think it's one of those things that I think all college football teams should do. There's going to be losses during the season, guys getting hurt and things like that and it helps a kid respect the fact that everybody is working just as hard as you are.

Coach, I know you are going to be looking at the youngsters to fill the depth chart this year, how are they looking so far?

They're youngsters, very young but they're really talented. We got some really talented young guys.

How about one of the guys that have been on the team a few years, how has John McGhin been looking?

He's progressing, he struggled at times during the spring but he's really doing much better right now than he did at any point last year. I'm hoping that's a good sign for him to be a two-deep guy and a guy that we can put in games. I'd much rather play a guy like John than a freshman. Yeah, but I'm pleased with the progress he's made and he still has a ways to go. I think John is really trying to be good and John has got some ability and hopefully the light is starting to come on for him now.

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