USF Bulls Talk Camp: CB Webster & TE Shields

USF Fall camp is in full swing in Vero Beach and after practice caught up with several Bulls to get their thoughts on the start of camp. See what corner back Kayvon Webster and Tight End Andreas Shields have to say about training camp. Only on

With the USF practicing in Vero Beach caught up with several Bulls after practice to get their thoughts on the start of camp. See what corner back Kayvon Webster and Tight End Andreas Shields have to say about training camp.

It's the first day in full pads, how are things looking out there so far?

Today, we had a little adversity with the weather but everybody came out and was ready to work. We're on all the same path with a common goal so everybody came out here to work.

It seems like there is increased competition at DB this year with more depth. Talk about that a bit.

At DB we have lot of competition out here right now, both at safety and corner. At corner we have Ernie [Tabuteau] and Brandon Salinas, at safety we have Saki (Thanasi Mihalakos) and Pierre Patrice. It's just a continuous grind right now.

You look bigger than you did last year, how much did Coach Golden help you this offseason?

I love Coach Golden! He did me right [as he's showing me his biceps]. I just look bigger. I'm weighing 200 lbs right now. I was 190 lbs last year, I'm up 10 lbs and it's all muscle.

You mentioned Ernie Tabuteau earlier, how has his progress been since the spring? What about Kenneth Durden?

Since Ernie has got here he's been ready to work. He asks questions and he gives it his all. Kenneth Durden is coming along, he's still a freshman and has a ways to go but we as a team are supposed to get him right.

You and Quenton Washington are the veterans on this team, how are you taking that leadership role going into fall camp?

Everybody is looking up to us right now to step up and make plays. We have to be leaders and we lead by example.

How about the receivers, is there anybody impressing you guys out there?

Right now, all of the receivers impress me. They come out every day and work, they stay after practice and catching balls. All of their confidence is up right now. Everybody is ready!

What's the mindset in camp this year like?

The mindset is to stay healthy and just keep grinding!

Bulls Starting tight End Andreas Shields

It's the first day in full pads; tell me what you are seeing out of the guys?

There's a lot of consistency. We kind of know what is going on because we've been in this system for two years now. I feel like we worked on a lot of things this summer that have translated for this season.

Talk to me a little bit more about the retention you guys have had from the last year?

For instance yesterday, we checked for "Minnesota" and it that package wasn't even installed yet this camp. We're on another page; we're ahead of the game right now. It feels good.

How much has Coach Golden helped you during the offseason?

Coach Golden is great! He's not really looking for us to be big weight room guys; he's looking for us to be good football players. He's looking to make us better athletes. We're not really worried about numbers but flexibility and stuff that translate on the field.

How much are you weighing right now?

I'm weighing 250 lbs. I'm about 10 lbs up from last year.

What have you seen out of the youngsters and newcomers?

McFarland comes from a prestigious program and he's gone up against a lot of talent so he's coming in here, trying to play and get ready and learn the playbook. He looks good. Isaac Virgin is getting into the rhythm of things and Ty Turner is still young and learning.

What are team expectations for this season?

It's to win the Big East and play well together. We're a team that's going to do big things!

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