Bulls Make the Cut for Jones OL Williams

Jones OL Duaron Williams is one of the top offensive line prospects in Florida and after accumulating 20 offers recently trimmed his list. USFNation.com caught up with the 6-foot-4, 298 pound lineman and got his thoughts about the schools that made the cut, where the Bulls stand, and more.

Duaron Williams, Jones standout offensive lineman has been busy with summer workouts, going to camps, getting ready for the start of fall classes, all while sifting through the recruiting process.

The 6-foot-4, 298 pound lineman has nearly 20 offers with plenty of other schools showing heavy interest, and recently narrowed his list of schools to a top 14.

"I came up with my top 14, and in no particular order they're Miami, Kansas, Ole Miss, USF, UCF, Iowa State, Louisville, Rutgers, Nebraska, LSU, Kentucky, Colorado State, Mississippi State, and Arkansas," said Williams. "I just really accessed all the schools that have offered me or were interested in me, and chose the ones where I knew that I would fit that program or that program fits me."

All of the schools in his top 14 have offered except for UM, LSU, Arkansas, and Nebraska, but Williams said they are all showing interest and he's been in contact with them. Even though he says the schools are in no particular order, the three-star prospect says that four schools stand out.

"If I had to name schools standing out, I'd say its Rutgers, Arkansas, Nebraska, and USF," said Williams. "I like what those four have to offer and the coaching staffs."

Of the two that have offered, Williams said he really likes Rutgers and talks about what his interest in the Bulls.

"I like the USF program a lot," said Williams. "They've done a lot with that program and in the last three years they played three ACC teams and beat all three of them. They Beat Miami, they beat Clemson, and they beat Florida State. That says something about the program. They're growing fast, got good coaches and they put a lot of guys into the NFL."

"They're also recruiting very well and they got one of my really good friends Chris Bivins to commit there, along with Sean Price and Tyler Cameron already," said Williams. "I actually flew out with Bivins and Price to Oregon for ‘The Opening', and that was a lot of fun."

Williams said besides college coaches he's getting recruited by several of the USF commits along with other players as well.

"Bivins keeps telling me to quit playing and go ahead and commit to USF," said Williams. "When I got back that's when TC, you know Tyler Cameron got into the picture and he started to talk the Bulls up with Bivins.

"But they're not the only one, I guys from different schools like Duke Johnson at Miami telling me to do the same thing," said Williams. "The Opening was one big a recruiting trip and it's continued from there."

The Jones 0-lineman has taken noticed that the Bulls have been recruiting the Orlando area and have several already on the team.

"Yeah they got a lot of good players from Orlando last year, Max Lang, Darrell Williams, and Corian Hamilton," said Williams. "If you get a lot of the top players from one area, you can put together a really good program. That's' what Max and Darrell were telling me as well."

Williams did say that with knowing so many players that go to different schools he can say the same thing with a lot of programs.

"I've played with or against so many guys that I know guys at programs across the country," said Williams. "So it's not exclusive or a huge factor, but it definitely helps."

For now Williams is focusing on his upcoming season, but does plan on making another cut in the near future and knows of some schools that will make that list.

"I'm not really focusing on recruiting as much right now. My mind is more on my books and our season," said Williams. "I'll make another cut probably in the 3-4 weeks. The four I said were standing out will definitely make the cut."

Williams will kick off his senior season against Leesburg next week and is looking forward to it.

"I can't wait," said Williams. "Leesburg is home to Noor Davis, and he's one of the best in the country, so it's going to be fun to knock him around for a little bit."

Stay tuned with USFNation.com, as we keep you updated on Duaron Williams and the rest of the 2012 recruiting class.

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