First Look: USF/Note Dame Depth Chart

The Bulls preseason is over and with the first game againt Notre Dame less then five days away, USF has released the official game depth chart for the season opener.There were several notable changes on both sides of the ball.

USF preseason football is now complete and on Monday Head Coach Skip Holtz released the depth chart for the season opener against the Irish. There were several notable changes on both sides of the ball.

USF-Notre Dame Depth chart


WR: 11 A.J. Love, 80 Stephen Bravo-Brown
LT: 74 Mark Popek, 75 Darren Powe
LG: 55 Jeremiah Warren, 65 Anthony Kibler
OC:79 Chaz Hine, 78 Austin Reiter
RG: 60 Danous Estenor, 66 Kevin McCaskill,
RT: 70 Quinterrius Eatmon, 73 Damien Edwards
TE: 09 Evan Landi, 88 Andreas Shields
WR: 17 Sterling Griffin, 83 Deonte Welch,
WR: 25 Joel Miller, 15 Victor Marc
QB: 07 B.J. Daniels, 13 Bobby Eveld
RB: 21 Demetris Murray or 03 Darrell Scott

LE: 97 Ryne Giddins, 54 Julius Forte
NT: 46 Cory Grissom, 53 Elkino Watson
DT: 91 Keith McCaskill, 92 Luke Sager
RE: 41 Patrick Hampton, 96 Anthony Hill
SAM: 16 Reshard Cliett, 13 Curtis Weatherspoon
MIKE: 36 Sam Barrington, 55 Mike Lanaris
WILL: 34 DeDe Lattimore, 35 Mike Jeune
LC: 06 Kayvon Webster, Ernie Tabuteau
SS: 08 John Lejiste, 04 Tyson Butler
FS: 01 Young, 26 Mark Joyce
RC: 02 Quenton Washington, 30 Jaquez Jenkins
P: 18 Justin Brockhaus-Kann, 49 Mattias Ciabatti
K: 28 Maikon Bonani
KO 99 Marvin Kloss
H 18 Justin Brockhaus-Kann
LS: 68 Mike Walsh
KR 05 Lindsey Lamar
PR 10 Terrence Mitchell

First Glance notes:

Offensive notes:

- RBs Demetris Murray and Darrell Scott are listed as co-starters
- WR A.J. Love has regained his starting spot, with Stephen Bravo-Brown as back-up - WR Evan Landi is listed as the starting tight end with Andreas Shields as back-up
- WR Joel Miller is the starting slot, with Victor Marc backing him up.
- WRs Terrence Mitchell and Lindsey Lamar aren't listed on the two deep
- WR Sterling Griffin is listed as starter with Deonte Welch as the back-up
- OL Darren Powe is listed as back-up right tackle
- OL Anthony Kibler is listed as back-up left guard
- OL Austin Reiter is back-up center, with Kevin McCaskill back up right guard
- There's no full back listed
Defensive Notes
- LB Sam Barrington is listed as starting middle linebacker with Lanaris as a back-up
- LB Reshard Cliett is listed as a starter at SAM with Curtis Weatherspoon
- LB Mike Jeune is now listed as the back-up at WILL behind DeDe Lattimore
- DL Anthony Hill is now listed as a back-up at defensive end
- FS JaQuez Jenkins is now listed as the backup to Quenton Washington
- CB Ernie Tabuteau is now backing up Kayvon Webster
- DB Tyson Butler who was injured most the spring is listed as a back-up safety.

Special team's notes:
-- Justin Brockhaus-Kann is listed as the starting punter with freshman Mattias Ciabatti as the back-up
-- Marvin Kloss is listed for kick-offs

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