USF Commits Sound off on Huge Notre Dame Win

After USF's big season opening victory over Notre Dame USFNation caught up with the Bulls commits to get their feedback on the stunning 23-20 win over the Irish. Read on for inside the scoop!

USF had their first test of the season on Saturday and it was a big one opening up at historic South Bend to take on #16 Notre Dame. The Bulls overcame all the traditions of the Irish and the weather in a game that lasted 5 hours and 59 minutes before the Bulls was declared victors. Another victory over a ranked and tradition rich program like Notre Dame is big for USF and has an immediate impact on the Bulls recruiting efforts. The USF staff has a solid class of recruits that has already given them verbal commitments, and this win has a big affect on to the prospects USF already has on board.

We asked the commits how did it feel to see USF beat No 16 ranked Notre Dame in south Bend and how does it make you feel about your commitment to them?

Jalen Spencer, DB Pensacola Catholic "It felt great to see them win. Coach Smith told me they were ready to play."

"It makes me feel real good about my commitment. I see they got big things going on and I feel that they can play with anybody and upset a lot of people."

D.J. White, CB Union Grove "Aw man it felt great! That was my first time seeing them play on TV and they looked really good. They made big plays when they had to and the defense caused a lot of turnovers."

"I was already solid, but it solidifies my commitment to them even more."

Daniel Perry, DE, University School "Sadly I didn't see the game because we were up in SC for a game against Goose Creek, but I heard all about it. I think it was a great win and a big win for the Bulls because everybody underestimates USF. That may not be happening in the future"

"It makes me proud to be committed to them and can't wait to officially join the family."

Rayshawn Jenkins, DB/WR Admiral Farragut "I didn't get to watch the game, but I thought they did good going in there unranked and beating them."

Chris Bivins, CB, Gainesville "It was real nice to see, and it was a great win for them!
"I feel better about my commitment, shows they can compete with the best!"

Lamarlin Wiggins, WR Plant City "Yeah I watched it and it was a great game. I like how the defense stepped up when they needed to, stopping them on the one yard line, forcing the fumble an returning it for a score. They kept doing it all game and I think they had 5 turnovers, and the offense did what they had to when it mattered. I wasn't surprised at all, because I know they got great athletes with a great coaching staff."

"It made me feel great about my commitment to them, and showed what I've been telling everybody and that they're a great program that can play against anybody. That's why I chose them. I can't wait to get to school on Tuesday to show up all the doubters."

Kofi Amichia, OL McEachern HS, GA "It was great for USF. They came out on the road and played well, playing with a lot of energy and intensity. I knew they were a good team and that they could win, but on Saturday they proved it and showed to the Nation that even though they're young, they can beat a lot of big time programs."

"The win doesn't really change anything about my commitment, because I already knew they were a good team and could win, but now they went out and proved it to the nation."

Tyler Cameron QB, Jupiter "It was a great game to watch and it's a huge win for USF. They looked real good, caused a lot of turnovers and It shows what a great job the coaches and players are doing there."

"Just seeing that type of a win just makes me more excited to be a Bull. I see this program doing big things and can't wait to be a part of it."

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