More than USF's Win Stands out to Armwood OL

Armwood's Kevin McCoy is ne of the top offensive tackles in the state and is focusing on four schools. With the college football season now underway, the 6-foot-5, 275 pound prospect got to watch his top choices play this weekend, including USF's big win over Notre Dame. The 3-star offensive tackle talks about the games, what stood out the most, and how it affects him. Only on

Armwood's Kevin McCoy, one of the top offensive tackles in the state has 10 scholarship offers, but is focusing on four schools. With the college football season now underway, the 6-foot-5, 273 pound prospect got to watch his top choices play this weekend, including USF's big win over Notre Dame.

"I got to watch USF and a little bit of Vandy, Auburn and some of each of my top four teams, except for the UCF game because it wasn't on TV, and all four won," said McCoy. "I'm not surprised that Vanderbilt won, because they've been working hard during the offseason. The Auburn game was back and forth and they looked a bit shaky at times, but they pulled it off. The USF game was the most exciting game I watched all weekend."

Playing at Armwood a school very close to USF, McCoy was well aware of all the hype leading up to the Bulls season opener.

"USF went in there as the underdog against a very good Notre Dame team and won," said McCoy. "Being in Florida there was so much talk about the game all summer, and in my heart I wanted them to win, but I didn't really know if they could do it."

"That fumble recovery on that first drive that they returned for a score was amazing, and how they stepped up every time they needed to was something to see," said McCoy. "They played their hearts out and left their hearts on the field on Saturday."

Besides the turnovers USF caused and the timely scoring drives, McCoy said something else caught his eye during the Bulls big win.

"I have to say just the passion for the game of football that the players and coaches showed out there," said McCoy. "When you go in as an underdog to a tough place like Notre Dame and you're supposed to lose, it brings the team closer and gives them an us against the world attitude, and that's why they won the game. They put everything they had out on the field and that's what really caught my eye about USF, because I can relate to that here at Armwood."

McCoy has made it known that the Bulls are one of his top four schools, but does a win like that affect how he feels about the program?

"Yes definitely, .it makes me feel higher about them that much more because I can relate to them," said McCoy. "Being there and watching them practice multiple times, seeing them work hard in the weight room, in drills, and on the field, I feel the passion they have for the game. I see the hard work they put in pays off, and I and see the similarities we have at Armwood.

The standout 3-star offensive tackle paid close attention to the Bulls offensive line and liked what he saw.

"The o-line played very well from what I saw, and I know the tackle is a redshirt freshman and was making his first start and played very good," said McCoy. "I'm a tackle and I could picture myself in the same shoes, in the same colors, the same jersey, playing the same game. It made me excited for my future."

He may have a top four schools, and even though he can't name the exact order, McCoy said there is a pecking order.

"USF and Vanderbilt are definitely the top two, and then Auburn and UCF are three and four," said McCoy. "Now I really have to get out there and start focusing on the recruiting process. I want to make sure my heart and my head are on the same page. It's going to be a big decision."

Now that his season has begun McCoy is thinking about taking some visits over the month and will be setting up some officials over the next month.

"I don't have anything for officials set up, but I'm starting the process of doing that," said McCoy. "I definitely want to take an unofficial to see USF against Ball State this weekend. I like to see the diehard fans cheering the team on and that should be fun to watch. I like to try and se UCF in the near future because they're not too far away. I'll go see Vandy, but that's not going to be anytime soon, and Auburn I'll have to plan out because they're not close."

Armwood is 1-0 on the season and are on a bye this week.

"We're on a bye and then play Tampa Tech the following week,' said McCoy. "It should be a good game because they're already talking, but I think we should do well."

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