Holtz: Impressed with the way the team played

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz talks about the Bulls home opening win over Ball State Saturday night.

After the bulls home opening win over Notre Dame USF Head coach talked about the bulls 37-7 victory over Notre Dame

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USF Head Coach Skip Holtz quotes:
Opening Statement -
"Great to win. When you sit down and look at it, I'm really proud of this football team. With everything we had to go this week. I felt we learned a lot about ourselves from a maturity stand point this week. One (week) with so many distractions with an emotional win at Notre Dame, the rain delay, getting back at 4 o'clock in the morning, the news of Lee Roy Selmon's passing on Sunday, a hard week of practice, going to a funeral on Friday, and then coming out here and playing on Saturday. It had all the makings of a let down. It had all the makings of coming out and playing a little bit flat ad maybe not playing with the emotion we needed to play."

"I think it speaks volumes for these players and senior leadership with the way so many guys have stepped up. I thought the first half, outside of red zone productivity, it was probably the most complete half of a football game since I have been here. I thought that was pretty impressive. Mike Juene and Sanchez set the tone right out of the gates, came down made a big hit, a physical hit, on the kickoff scoops it up and scores 8 seconds in to the football game. It's kind of a nice feeling to have that in your hip pocket as a coach."

"Offensively we drove the field, a number of times we just weren't able to push it in the endzone, which is something we have to look at. Really like I said in the first half, the only negative was our redzone to say we kicked too many field goals. I thought they did a nice job protecting the football. Got a couple turnovers on defense. And I thought the first half was the most complete football game, we came ready to play. We have great respect for ball state. They've done a great job with that program, they had a nice win against Indiana last week. We said it not about who we played, it's about us. Only we can control how we play, and we played well."

"Second half probably the coach in me wasn't as excited about the second half as our first. We've been talking about the depth of this football team. I think that reared its ugly head. We struggled to get a first down in the second half. I thought we were trying to preserve the shutout until they got the interception and then the personal foul, and they went down there and put the ball in the endzone. Then we took our 1s out and put in our 2s. The 2s need that work they needed that experience and I have said this before but they are one snap away from playing because of injury. We need as much work as we can, and we have a long way to go with our 2s. It's amazing we don't let our 2s practice. I thought the 1s they were sharp they were crisp. I was impressed with the way they played tonight."

On BJ and his comfort level -
"Really played well. We came out kind of run the ball play-action pass. They blitzed us on like 7 of the first 11 plays. Had BJ sit in the pocket and manage the game. But he is seeing the field. He is doing some great things. The one interception I threw, I hate it, because I have been getting on him about giving the wide receivers a chance and not throwing it over a receivers head and he gave the receiver a chance a he stopped on him. It was just a go route, just a takeoff route, Sterling pulled up. I thought he threw a couple really nice deep passes, but we weren't able to capitalize on them. I think the way he's seen the field. The accuracy and the comfort level. The difference between year one and two, just looking at his leadership skills."

On Darrell Scott, and running game -

"He hasn't played in 2 years, this being his only 2nd game in 2 years, I thought he came out and ran physical, he went north/ south and went downhill. I don't know if he is trying to become a hurdle champion, but when you're 245 pounds you run through people not over them. He's trying to hurdle everybody out there. He said I did it in high school all the time. It's like well this isn't high school. He's a talented player, it's nice to get him some work get him some carries. Then with Demetrius Brook carrying the ball about 12-14 times I think was the balanced ratio between those two. I'd like to get a little more consistency in the running game. I thought the passing game, the receivers, quarterback and protection did a really nice job game. We have got to get more consistency in our running game, we're going to have to look at the film and look at the kind of consistency in the red zone office."

On different look for receiver open up -

"No, we just felt like this game we wanted to turn the personnel sets and put some speed on the field. It's the personnel package that we made the decision to start the game with. I've said this before I think the receivers are the most improved group. Just when you look at it from top to bottom group from the bottom with Andre Davis you just have a lot of confidence in them with sterling, with AJ (Love), and with Bravo-Brown, with Terrance Mitchell, Deonte Welch, and the way everybody is just getting better. It's a good group right now and we are trying to get as many of them on the field as we can. Especially, right now when you have the opportunity to win a game like this and get them on the field and get them some more experience like an Andre and a Rueben."

On Turnovers -

"I think this football team is understanding … and creating stuff on defense. And I really think we're doing a great job of protecting the ball on offense. I think we threw two interceptions tonight. We threw a ball over the middle of the field, which is a major league no-no, ... Just some things that need to be corrected. We threw the ball over the middle, and we had the communication mistake with BJ. But other than that I think we are doing a very good job. I think the running backs are actually doing a good job with ball security; BJ's doing a great job with it. And the defense is really making a difference. Trying to create strips, and we had another opportunity when Kevyon Webster intercepted that pass, but we had the roughing the passer penalty. We just have to eliminate those mistakes. We're going to make those kinds of mistakes early and as long as we can watch them and correct them from there it will help us down the road from there."

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