Snyder has Bulls Defense Swarming to the Ball

USF defensive coordinator Mark Snyder talks about the defense after two games played. Coach liked how the team played in the home win over Ball State, while holding them to 7 points. He was impressed with the starting unit and how they swarm to the football. Coach also talks about the second teamers, the production of senior DE Claude Davis and more.

"The kids came out and played hard and played with a lot of emotion. I was very proud of them because that was a trap game coming off of Notre Dame," said Bulls defensive coordinator Mark Snyder. "I thought they came out focused and thought Coach Holtz did a fantastic job of getting this team ready to play."

On who caught his eye on the second team:

"Mike Jeune is a thumper in there, Hans Louis did okay and obviously Watson has been playing, I also thought that Boyd did some good things," said Snyder. "There was good and bad things across the board and one liability we have right now is we got to get our two's better, and we're going to concentrate on that starting today."

What he's seen out of his starting unit through two games:

"I think they're playing well on defense as a team," said Snyder. "I look at the cohesion of the unit and if they're communicating and flying to the ball, those are things I can control as a coach. Those are things I preach and I want to see. So far through two weeks, I've gotten that."

"We have a thing we call swarms and we got ten to eleven bodies flying to the football, and we had a bunch of swarms Saturday night," said Snyder. "That's an indicator to me that we're running to the ball. That over comes mistakes, overcomes blown assignments, and when your team can run and does, then you're doing right."

On Claude Davis production in limited snaps:

"Claude's been good. We talked in length about how we're going to replace the production of Terrell McClain and you're not going to replace him with one guy. Three or four of us are going to have to match his production some way," said Snyder. "I'm real happy for Claude right now, He's contributing to our football team and is helping us replace that production."

"Claude's always had it, he's a freak. He's got a tremendous first step, he's long and he‘s got the attributes. It's just a matter of him buying into what we're doing here, and he's doing that right now," said Snyder. "I can't imagine that there's a player in the country that has more production per play then Claude."

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