RB Gilmore Enjoys USF Game Atmosphere

Jamie Gilmore, North Marion's star all-purpose back took an unofficial trip to Tampa to watch the Bulls play FAMU this past weekend. Gilmore talks about the Bulls impressive offensive output, updates his visit schedule, and where the Bulls stand. Stay informed with USFNation.com.

North Marion's Jamie Gilmore, one of the top all-purpose backs in the state is beginning to set visits as he tries to narrow his list of college choices. This past weekend Gilmore made a trip to Tampa to check out USF when they played FAMU last Saturday.

"It was a great game and a very good showing for the Bulls offense," said Gilmore. "They just played a good game all-around. The score and the offensive yards they put up just speak for itself."

The 5-foot-8, 185 pound back played close attention to the offense and how the Bulls used the running backs throughout the game.

"All the running backs played great and they showed a lot of versatility," said Gilmore. "They used them in a lot of different ways in the running game and I like how they were used in the passing game."

Gilmore has got to know several Bulls but was glad to see freshman Andre Davis, who he knows through playing against make an impact.

"It was good to see their freshman receiver Davis get in and score," said Gilmore. "I know him after playing against him last year, so it was good to see him do well early."

The north Marion Back has been to USF many times over the past year, but this was his first time seeing them play a live game at home and was impressed with the game atmosphere."

"I saw them last year in the swamp, but I've never seen them play at home before and I loved the experience," said Gilmore. "The atmosphere was great and the student section was really getting into it. The stadium is a pro stadium, so everything was top notch."

Gilmore is the younger brother of Florida A&M sophomore defensive back Eddie Rocker, so there was a bit of sibling ribbing going on afterwards.

"My brother plays for FAMU and the Bulls really put a beat down on them," said Gilmore. "So I had to joke with him a bit about that, but it's all good."

The stand-out back has developed a good relationship with the Bulls staff and enjoyed spending time with the staff during the visit.

"I'm close with Coaches McGeoghan, Fitch and Scott, so it was real good to see them again," said Gilmore. "They were just telling me that I'm still the number one back on their board, and how I would fit great in their offense, and things like that."

Gilmore said he plans on catching several more Bulls games in the future as well as a catching other programs play during the season.

"I plan on getting back down to USF for their game against Cincinnati and I know for sure that I'll be there when they play Miami also," said Gilmore. "I'm also going to see Florida when they play Alabama. That's all I know of for now."

With 18 offers in hand, Gilmore doesn't claim a leader, but is beginning the process of narrowing his list down.

"Right now I'm still talking with different coaches and the big thing is just getting to the campuses and checking the schools out," said Gilmore. "In my head I know what schools I want to take visits to, and once I do that, then I'll be able to narrow my list down."

With campus visits an important part of his decision, Gilmore has begun thinking about his official visits and already has a few of those in mind.

"Right now I'm talking with my coach about going to Maryland in October when they play Clemson, and I know for sure I'm going to Duke in December," said Gilmore. "That's all I know of right now and I'm still figuring out the rest."

Gilmore doesn't claim a leader, but does say which schools he's talking to the most.

"I don't have a clear leader," said Gilmore. "The schools I talk to the most are USF, Cincinnati, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, and Rutgers."

The 3-star back talks about what he likes about USF and why they're in his mix of top choices.

"They're a good instate school and are really an up and coming program," said Gilmore. "I have a great relationship with their staff, they've been recruiting me for a long time and showing me love. That's why they've been one of my tops for awhile now."

Gilmore has also taken notice of how well the Bulls have done this year, and even though that's not why he likes them, he said it's good to see.

"They've also been doing really well this year and I'm real happy for the players and the staff," said Gilmore. I've been saying how they're up and coming for awhile, and now it's being realized. Every time I look they're moving up in the polls."

As to when he'll make his decision, Gilmore isn't sure, but does know he wants to take his officials before doing so, and knows what he's looking for when he makes his choice.

"I'm going to take all my visits first, so however long that takes, then I'll be able to make my choice," said Gilmore. ""I'm looking at academics is first, chemistry with the staff and feeling comfortable, and playing time."

Gilmore has more than 2,000 career rushing yards to go along with 22 touchdowns and so far this season Gilmore North Marion team is 2-1, and Gilmore has been doing his thing.

"I'm doing well so far. I've had 215 yards, 70 yards, and 174 yards in my first three games and score a TD in each one," said Gilmore. "Our goal is to win a state championship this year,"

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