Holtz: It was an old fashioned tail-whipping

USF Coach Head coach Skip Holtz talks about the Bulls 17-44 loss to Pittsburgh. Coach said they made too many mistakes in order be competitive as well as Pitt played.

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz
Opening statement:
"I want to start by congratulating Coach Graham and his staff for the job they did this week. They played an excellent game tonight. They came out and did some things that were different than what they had done (in previous games). They came out and ran the quarterback more than we had seen this year and created some problems early. Obviously, (Ray) Graham is one of the best running backs in the country and he has proven that when he doubled his yards tonight with about 226 yards. Offensively, they played an excellent football game. They managed the game extremely well. We couldn't get off the field as a defense, in a nutshell. They converted a number of third downs. It seemed like every time we got them in somewhat of a manageable defensive situation - a long yardage situation - they would make a play.

"I think there are a lot of fundamental things we have to go back and look at and we lost contain much too much as a defense letting the ball get outside of us tonight. We made too many mistakes in order be competitive as well as Pitt played tonight. They did a very nice job of taking away our big plays and that is something we have really thrived on over the first four weeks. Down the field, they made us turn and work the ball underneath and earn it and we weren't able to get that done and earn it - whether it be penalties, mistakes, it was not one of our better efforts and I am excited we have the opportunity to have an open date this week as there are a lot of things we need to shore up.

"This is one game, I hate that you lose a conference game, but sitting here 4-1 going into the open date, we have to keep our heads up and get back to work, look at film, find out what the problems are and get them corrected as a staff. I still like this football team, there was no attitude - no grumbling or pointing of fingers. We just couldn't get off the field against a good football team. It was an old fashioned tail-whipping, that's what it was and especially from their offensive standpoint."

On the play of Pitt's Ray Graham:
"They do a nice job getting their running backs space and once he got space he would make you miss. Graham is quicker than he is fast and he is very elusive. He has sideways, lateral movement. He has great vision and he can turn and go. If he can get on the perimeter, he is going to hurt you and what upset me today is that we did not keep the edge of our defense very well. He is very dangerous and that is what he was able to do today. He was impressive and he ran hard."

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