Bulls Coach Skip Holtz dispels UNC rumors

With the recent internet rumors this weekend linking USF football Coach Skip Holtz with the opening at North Carolina, coach Holtz addressed those rumors Monday saying he has not talked to anybody at UNC and has a great job.

With the recent twitter rumors linking USF football Coach Skip Holtz with the opening at North Carolina, Holtz addressed that speculation Monday.

"I have not talked to anybody. It is this time of year when speculation goes on everywhere, who's going to take what job. I have not talked to anybody about the North Carolina job," Holtz said. "I've got my head in my dungeon here trying to do what we have to do to find a way to win. I think we have that obligation to this senior class and to the underclassmen as we're trying to build the program. I'm excited about what we're building here, I'm excited about the progress we're making, I'm excited about the team I'm coaching here, but I have not talked to anybody at North Carolina about the North Carolina job."

Holtz has a relationship with Tar Heels athletic director Bubba Cunningham dating back to when both were students at Notre Dame, but at least to this point it doesn't appear the two have spoken about the position. USF athletic director Doug Woolard said Tuesday that he has not been contacted by anyone requesting permission to speak to Holtz, who is in the second year of a five-year contract with USF, about another job.

When asked whether Coach Holtz would listen if he was approached about an opportunity to take another job, Holtz implied trhe anser was no, he has a great job and said where his focus is right now.

"I'm not looking to go interview all over the country," Holtz said. "I was offered a couple jobs last year. It's not a fanfare thing, it's not an advertising thing. It's flattering that your name's mentioned, but no. I have a great job. I have one that I chose to be here two years ago. This was a choice I made. It's where I want to be, it's what we're trying to build here, and it's what we're trying to develop here, and right now I'm going to do everything I can to find a way to get these last two wins. That's what my focus is, that's what my concentration is, that's where my efforts are going right now."


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