Bulls or Beavers for JUCO LB Cowdin

Cade Cowdin, a JUCO linebacker prospect out of College of the Desert visited Tampa this weekend to see USF had to offer. The 6-foot-2, 225 pound linebacker came way very impressed and will decide between the USF and Oregon State. Read on for all the details

With the early junior college signing period just a few weeks away, the Bulls are looking at bringing in several top JUCO prospects and recently offered top linebacker Cade Cowdin who took an official visit to see what the Bulls had to offer and came away very impressed.

"The visit was good, I really enjoyed my time at USF this weekend," said Cowdin. "I like the coaches a lot, and their vision of where the program is heading."

"Everything was beautiful and I was kind of blown away on my visit out there," said Cowdin. "I expected it to be good, but was it really nice and way better than I imagined."

The 6-foot-2, 225 pound JUCO linebacker prospect out of College of the Desert, who came in on Friday night got to see the campus, and what Tampa was like.

"I liked the campus a lot, and they say it's one of the largest in the country," said Cowdin. "It is huge, but I like how the campus is put together. Everything is pretty new and it's real nice."

The Cali prospect got to check out the facilities and was very impressed with what the Bulls have and are planning to do.

"I really like the athletic facilities, and everything they have looks brand new, and the football facilities all top notch," said Cowdin. "I got to see the NFL stadium they play in and that was really cool. They have three practice fields that look awesome, and the weight room is real nice and has everything you need. The strength and conditioning program is real nice and the coach really seems like he knows what he's doing. The athletic building was huge and they're also planning on putting in an indoor facility, so they're still working on making it even better."

One of the things that stood out was the Bulls coaching staff, especially defensive coordinator Coach Snyder.

"I was really impressed with all of their coaching staff especially Coach Snyder. He coached at Ohio State and coached a lot of great linebackers, which I liked a lot. I also like his defensive philosophy and how he uses the linebackers," said Cowdin. "Coach Snyder seems like a great coach and knows how to get a lot out of his linebackers. He's a coach I would like to play for."

"He told me they really need me and that they had to bump a middle linebacker obviously Sam (Barrington) to the outside and that was doable, but I could come in and be that missing piece. He told me he likes how I play, how I blitz and how mobile I am as likes me as a hybrid linebacker," said Cowdin. "We watched a lot of film together and I got to see all their schemes and how I fit in. It seems like it really fits my style of play."

Cowdin also got some one time with Head Coach Skip Holtz and liked what he had to say about the future of the program.

"Coach Holtz really seems like he knows what he's doing, and is really a nice guy and easy to talk to," said Cowdin. "He seems really driven to win now after losing a bunch of very close games. I can see that they're going to work that much harder and be ready to go next season. I really think after what they went through, they're going to make a big jump next year."

Bulls' tight end Andreas Shields was Cowdin's host for the weekend and he liked the vibe he got from the players he met.

"Andreas was real cool, and even though I didn't go out a lot because I got finals coming up I got to hang out with some of the guys and they all seem really cool," said Cowdin. "They liked them and they seem like my type of guys. They all seem pretty close to, and I felt like I got a long with everybody."

Cowdin liked the Bulls before his visit, and said how the visit affected how he felt about USF.

"It was real good and made my decision very hard," said Cowdin. "I'm confused on what to do and now I need to take some time and really think about everything. I need to weigh all the pros and cons about USF and Oregon State and see where I really fit the best."

"I didn't really know Coach Snyder before my visit and didn't know about the program until after being there. It's 50/50 right now between those two schools and I don't know what I'm going to do."

With Cowdin graduating in December and enrolling in January, he said his decision will be coming soon.

"I got two weeks to decide so it's going to have to be made soon," said Cowdin. "I have finals this week, so I'm going to concentrate and knock those out. Then really concentrate on what school I'm going to pick."

The JUCO prospect said what the main factors are in helping him make his choice.

"The main things are basically where the best fit is for me and where I'm going to succeed at the best," said Cowdin. "Wherever I'm going to play well at and is the best environment for me to do that in is what's most important."

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