Top QB prospect Asiantii Woulard set to visit

Winter Park's Asiantii Woulard, one of the top QB prospects in Florida will be visiting USF for junior day this weekend. The 6'4, 200 pound prospect has plenty of teams showing interest and has five early offers. USFNation caught up with the 2013 QB and got his thoughts on his recruitiment, his new offers, the upcoming visit, where the Bulls stand, and more.

With USF not taking a quarterback in 2012, landing one in 2013 is a priority for the staff, and Winter Park's Asiantii Woulard, one of the top QBs in Florida could fit that bill to a tee.

The Winter Park stand-out is up to 6'4, 202 pounds after playing at 6'4, 193 last season, and is just gearing up for his senior season. "Everything is going real well," said Woulard. "I'm just working out and running track. I run the 400 meter.I'm just getting ready for the next season."

Woulard, a dual-threat quarterback is the Bulls top prospect at the position for 2013, and is set to visit Tampa for USF's junior day this weekend.

"I'm excited to get down there for the visit. It's nothing new for me since I've been there several times already," said Woulard. "I'm just looking forward to being around the USF coaching staff and catching up with them."

Woulard said he talks the most with USF QB Coach Peter Vaas and Offensive coordinator Todd Fitch. "I really like the USF coaches," said Woulard. "I like both Vaas and Fitch a lot, they're laid back and very open."

The USF staff has made it clear that they would love to see Woulard in green and Gold next year.

"They told me that they feel that I'm their guy and that I could come in score a lot and break records," said Woulard. "They also told me that they didn't recruit a guy in 2012 guy so that they will have a better shot of getting me."

The 2013 quarterback talked about how it feels to be identified as a top target.

"That makes me feel real good and it's a big confidence booster," said Woulard. "I definitely feel good about it and shows that they really believe in me."

Woulard was first offered by USF, but since then has received several new ones to add to his list.

"I'm up to five offers now," said Woulard. "I now have offers from Pitt, Cincinnati, UCF, and FAMU. And of course USF."

He's also getting interest from a bunch of other schools and listed UGA, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Nebraska, UF, FSU, Miami, Louisville, S. Carolina, Virginia, Oregon, Duke, Miss State, and Georgia Tech as schools showing interest.

He said the Bulls being the first to offer does mean something to him.

"Yeah it does mean something, they were the first ones to take a shot on me," said Woulard. "They were the first to see my potential or recognize my potential. I won't forget that."

At this point, Woulard said he isn't ready to name any favorites and wants to wait before doing so.

"No, I'm not really ready to do that. I want to wait and play my senior season," said Woulard. "Then I'll be able to look at everything and then weigh my options out.

While he doesn't name any leaders, Woulard did say of one school that will definitely be in the mix.

"I can't really put one school in front of the others, but I've been around USF the most out of any other schools, so USF will be there definitely."

The coveted quarterback talks about what keeps USF among the top of his list.

"I like the program, they have great coaches and I like the type of offense that they run. it really fits me well. They also had a great game atmosphere when I visited," said Woulard. "It's also close to home, they have great facilities and there wouldn't be a weather adjustment for me to have to get used to."

Woulard s teammate D'Vario Montgomery, a 4-star WR recently signed with USF, but that won't be the biggest factor in his recruitment.

"That doesn't really affect me that much, because at the end of the day I have to do whats best for me, just as as he did what was best for him," said Woulard. "But it would be cool to be reunited with him. We've just had casual conversations about it.

If fans are hoping to get an early decison out of Asiantii, they're probably going to have to wait.

I don't think I'll make an early one and will probably wait until signing day of my senior year, or close to it to make a decision," said Woulard. "I'm going to enjoy the process and I'll probably take all five visits first.

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