USF the leader for top QB Woulard after visit

Winter Park's Asiantii Woulard, one of the Bulls top QB prospects visited USF for junior day this past weekend. The visit went great for the 6'4, 200 pound prospect ad afterwards USFNation caught up with the 2013 QB and got his thoughts on his visit, where the Bulls stand, and more.

There's no question that landing a top quarterback in 2013 is a priority for the staff, and Winter Park's Asiantii Woulard is one of the top targets in this cycle. The 6'4, 202 pound dual-threat quarterback visited Tampa for USF's junior day this weekend and came away liking the Bulls that much more.

"The visit was real nice. We toured the school, saw the facilities, and everything was great," said Woulard. "But it wasn't anything that I haven't seen already, the best part was just catching up with the coaching staff and being around everybody again."

While getting the chance to spend quality one-on-one time with the USF coaching staff, Woulard heard a lot of good things from the staff.

"It went good, they told me stuff that you don't hear all the time," said Woulard. "They told me that they didn't sign a QB in 2012 recruiting class, and that they don't just want a quarterback, they want me there. They feel I could come there, break records, take them to a championship, and that I'm the guy they're looking for."

"To hear that from the QB coach and the Head Coach was definitely a confidence booster it just lets me know that I can do it, because they believe in me," said Woulard. "I can tell that what they say is genuine."

The 2013 quarterback talked about also got to talk with the USF players and get their perspective on the program.

"It was cool that they had the players get in front of us so everybody could ask questions, I didn't ask any, but a lot of people did," said Woulard." They talked about what it's like being there, how it's a great school with a great staff, and life at USF outside of football. They also talked about the schedule for 2013, and all the great teams they'll be playing. It was all very positive."

Woulard got to spent a lot of time with B.J. Daniels and a couple of the other players, but being with Daniels opened his eyes to a lot of things.

"B.J. told me that honestly it's a lot of hard work, and you have to have a lot of self discipline," said Woulard. "There's going to be a lot of distractions, a lot of girls, and to just remember why you're there."

"He also talked about how the players have a great relationship with their position coach, they spend a lot of time together, and the all the staff was real cool and great guys," said Woulard. "They push you on the field and get the most out of you and help you develop. They also help you off e filed and are laid back guys that you can really talk to. It was real good to get his view on everything. It helped a lot."

"I got a great vibe being around the players," said Woulard. "I feel like they're more than just teammates, but they have a bond like their brothers and best friends, and that they have a strong relationship outside of football."

Woulard was first offered by USF, but since has received offers from PittsburghCincinnatiUCF, and FAMU. After the recent visit, Woulard said he does have a leader.

"USF is my leader by far!" Woulard said. "I was high on them prior, but the visit made me like them that much more. Getting to spend time with the coaches and players really helped. If I had to rate it, I'd give the visit a ‘10'"

"Coach Vaas is a really cool and smooth guy. He's very laid back and easy to talk with," said Woulard. "Coach Fitch is great to, and seems like the type that's going to push you and help you reach your maximum potential."

"I really like coach Holtz as a head coach and a person," said Woulard. "He seems like he's really into what he's doing and enjoys it. Not just coaching, but building a relationship with his players on and off the field."

Woulard also talked about the staff's vision for the future.

"They say their moving up big time, they're going to playing the best teams in the country and feel that they can make a good run at the Big East championship."

The standout quarterback prospect talked about what puts the Bulls at the top of his list.

"Just the feeling I get being around the coaches, and how comfortable I feel when I'm there," aid Woulard. "I also the offense they run and feel that it fits me. I like the atmosphere I felt at the school and on game day and the support they get from the fans."

"I feel that I can go there and make a difference," said Woulard. "I feel that I won't just be another guy that I would be at some other schools."

Woulard's teammate D'Vario Montgomery, a 4-star WR that recently signed with USF, has some influence, but that won't be the biggest factor in his recruitment.

"It would be nice to be throwing to someone I know and have thrown to in the past," said Woulard," But it's not the deciding factor. I have to do what's best for me, just as he did. He does tell me the ins and outs of the recruiting process, and that definitely helps."

As to when Woulard may be making his choice, Woulard said he doesn't think it will be early.

"I'll probably make my choice after my senior season or on signing day," said Woulard.

Woulard does plan on being busy this spring with visits and combines.

"I'm going to go to the national Underclassman combine," said Woulard. "Then I'm going to visit FSU on the 25th, and Georgia, but I don't know when."

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