Local DE Jordan Sherit impressed on USF visit

Hillsborough defensive end Jordan Sherit is one of the top 2013 prospects in the state of Florida. On Sunday the 6-foot-4, 235-pound prospect took a short trip to USF for junior day and came away with a different outlook on the hometown Bulls. Read on for all the details.

Jordan Sherit, Hillsborough's elite defensive end lives just a stones throw from USF, but took in USF junior day to an in-depth look at the program and he's glad h did.

"I thought the visit was really cool, and I had a good time," said Sherit. "I got to see a lot of things I never saw before."

"It was nice to take the time to walk around and see everything," Sherit. "I got to spend time in the library, walk around the campus, see the facilities, talk with the coaches and hear about all the new things they're building, and see all the things the school provides, so overall it was a good experience."

"I got the opportunity to see some of the guys that went to my school, Lindsay Lamar and T-Rex and listen to them talk about why they selected USF and why they made the decision to go to the home school," said Sherit. "That was a really cool experience."

Living so close to USF, Sherit has been to USF many times, but got to see things he's never seen before.

Sherit talked about spending time with the staff and the relationship he's building.

"It was great spending time with KP (Coach Kevin Patrick), Coach Hargreaves, and my recruiting coordinator Coach Fitch," said Sherit. "I really like talking with those guys and feel that I'm establishing a good relationship with them, and that's important."

Being a top local prospect, Sherit talked about how Coach Skip Holtz and staff are trying to appeal to the local standouts and keep them home.

"In the beginning Coach Holtz talked about all the benefits of staying home, so all your friends and family can watch you play," said Sherit. "They also had us all separated, with all the guys from the counties surrounding USF in one room, saying that if all the top talent stayed home, how special of a team that would be. I thought that was rally cool."

The elite defensive end talked about how the visit helped how he felt about USF.

"The visit really helped and made see them in a different way," said Sherit. "They're the home team, and right down the street from me, but getting the opportunity to actually see everything up close and take an in-depth look was great for me. I have a higher interest in them now then I did before"

On the recruiting front, Sherit has been blowing up and is up to 16 offers, including USF, Oklahoma, Miami, Auburn, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Arizona, Vanderbilt, UCF, but isn't ready to name leaders.

"No, I rally don't have a favorite list yet," said Sherit. "I have schools I want to go visit, like Auburn, South Carolina, and other schools that just reached out to me. Right now I'm just enjoying the recruiting process."

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