LB/DE Corey Vereen blown away by USF visit

West Orange linebacker/defensive is one of the top 2013 prospects in the state of Florida. Last weekend the 6-foot-2, 235-pound prospect took a trip to USF for junior day and came away more than impressed. Read on for all the details to see what h thought of the visit, his leaders, and where the Bulls stand.

The USF staff is hard on the trail of the top prospects for the class of 2013 and one player they've targeted is West Orange's Corey Vereen, a linebacker/defensive end  out of Winter Garden, FL.

The 6-foot-2, 235 pound Vereen, who is being recruited as both a defensive end and  outside linebacker recorded 105 tackles, 16 sacks and 25 tackles for a loss as a junior.

"I play both d-end and linebacker equally," said Vereen. "My best assets are me coming off the edge and getting to the quarterback."

The stand out defensive prospect recently took a trip to USF for junior day and came away more than impressed.
"The visit to USF was very nice," said Vereen. "I really liked the campus, the school, and the coaches treated me with a lot of respect."

"The facilities were very nice, the weight room was outstanding, and the rehab area and pools were real nice too," said Vereen. "They practice fields are top notch, the grass fields were very nice and thy have a turf field as well. I can't say enough good things about their training facilities and they have plans do build a lot more too."

While on his visit Vereen got to spend time with the USF coaching staff, and liked talking with defensive end Coach Hargreaves and Head Coach Skip Holtz.

"Coach Hargreaves is a very direct person and I like him," said Vereen. "He knows how to coach you, and knows how to do things to better you and push you to be the best that you can be. I like his style, he's very straight forward and I like him a lot."

"Talking with coach Holtz was real cool. He's a great guy and is leading the program in the right direction and I have a lot of respect for him," said Vereen. "He told me he likes me, wants m to be there and it was all very exciting. I think he's a great guy and a great coach."

Being a guy that can play multiple positions, the staff told him how they would like to use him.

"They told me they like me as a hybrid type player that can play both DE and LB positions," said Vereen. "That way I can cover running backs and get after the quarterback."

While on the visit, the prospects got to ask the current Bulls questions.

"The players talked about the transition from high school to college, why they chose USF and that they were very happy with their choice," said Vereen. "They also said how to better yourself once you got there and not trying to just be the man. It was a good experience."

Vereen talked about the vibe he got from the coaches and players

"They had a very honest vibe and I got a very direct feel from them," said Vereen. "They weren't giving me a cream puff approach and I felt like they really cared about me."

Vereen has seen the Bulls play several times and went to a game last season against Cincy.

"I really like the type of defense they play," said Vereen. "They play fast and get off the ball and I like the way they mix up the coverage's, it bodes well for a player like me that likes to come off of the edge."

The West Orange defender already has an impressive list of offers including ones from USF, Florida State, Tennessee, Minnesota, Clemson, Georgia Tech and UCF, and has already formed a short list of favorites.

"Definitely USF, Tennessee, Florida, Clemson, and Georgia Tech," said Vereen. "Thos are the ones sticking out right now."

With a solid list of programs on his list, Vereen talked about what puts USF on his list.

"Basically it's the coaches, the facilities, and the vibe got while I was there," said Vereen. "I like the overall package they presented to me on what I would be doing the next 4-5 years. Everything that they can offer me has me highly considering them through this recruiting process.

The most interesting thing was how the visit affected how he felt about USF

"Actually I was contemplating whether to go on the visit and wasn't sure how I felt about USF prior to the visit," said Vereen. "Once I got there, I was just blown away, and the visit reassured me that USF will be one of the places I'll be considering for where I'll go to college."

"So yes it had a big affect on me," said Vereen. "I went from being unsure to USF being one of the places that I'll take a hard look at really consider them as a top choice."

Vereen said that he hops to attend a few college spring practices coming up and wants to come back to USF.

"I want to get up to Tennessee to watch their spring practice and I definitely want to catch a USF practice this spring also," said Vereen. "I think it'll be good to see how the players and coaches interact during practice."

As to when he'll make his college choice, Vereen said he plans to make an early one.

"Since I'm going to be a December graduate, I'll be making an early choice," said Vereen. "I'll probably make it around the end of spring or early summer."

"I'll be looking at the facilities, the coaching staff, and if I feel like I'm at home, I have to fl comfortable where I'm at," said Vereen. "Also how thy can better m on the filed and in the classroom, because making it to the NFL isn't guaranteed, so academics is important."

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