Bulls RB Murray is ready to carry the load

USF's running back Demetris Murray was the Bulls second leading rusher last season,but with Darrell Scott, who left early for the NFL gone, Murray is ready to take over as the lead back. The USF senior talks about what he did to prepare for the season ahead, what new RB coach Larry Scott brings to the table, how he's helping the new guys, what Lindsey Lamar brings to the table and more.

USF's running back Demetris Murray was the Bulls second leading rusher in 2011 after sharing carries with Darrell Scott, who left early for the NFL.  Now with Scott gone, Murray is ready to take over as the lead back and has worked hard this off season to deal with the grueling season ahead.

"I've been watching a lot of film, hitting the weight room hard and worked on my upper and lower body strength," said Murray.  "I just tried to watch film of what I left on the field and try to correct it for next year."

Murray rushed for 503 yards, and 8 touchdowns, averaging 4.2 yards per carry, while weighing 205 pounds has put on size this winter to increase durability while keeping his speed and contributes most of it top strength coach Mike Golden.

"Coach Golden put that on me in the weight room during the off-season and did a heck of a job," said Murray. "I'm just getting ready for the season and the pounding I'll take. I'll get back down to around 212 by the time the season gets here."

For 2012 Murray has a new Running Backs coach in Larry Scott, who helped with the offensive line which brings a different aspect to the running backs.

"After coaching the o-line and tight ends, he looks at it like I do, from the O-Line back. He knows when things are going to happen, before it happens," said Murray. "From being someone who's been down in the trenches and to the outside, brings that different perspective"

Now that he's the senior back on the roster Murray has also become a teacher for the stable of young backs on the roster and they're listening.

"You've been one of the guys that's been through it, so guys tend to listen to people who've been there and done it before, especially with my group being a younger bunch," said Murray. "So with me having the experience, guys listen to what I say."

Murray is helping guys like Marcus Shaw, Willie Davis, and Bradley Battles who don't have a lot of game experience.

"They getting better every day, working extremely hard and just taking everything in, which is important," said Murray. "I have had many talks with them, and I'm just trying to show them the ins and outs and what's going to happen."

Murray likes what Lindsey Lamar,, who made the switch back to running brings to the table.

"He's a game changer, speed, ability, and when the balls in his hand you never know what's going to happen," said Murray. "It just brings more excitement to the backfield and to USF fans."

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