New Bull Montgomery wants to earn a spot

New USF corner back Fidel Montgomery, who transferred this spring from Southwest Mississippi Community College is getting adjusted and wants to earn a spot on the roster. Montomery talks about the difference being at USF, what he's done during winter conditioning, how coch Golden has helped, and much more.

New Bull Fidel Montgomery transferred this spring from Southwest Mississippi Community College  and is more than happy that he's at USF.

"It's been good and way better than JUCO, I can tell you that," said Montgomery. ‘Everybody treats you like family and lets you know they're here for you if you need anything. They walk you step by step and aren't just throwing you out there and hoping you know the stuff. They take they're time with you and I like that.

The junior defensive back is competing for the vacant cornerback spot opposite of Webster, so he hasn't exactly been out seeing what the bay area has to offer.

"I understand I have to do overtime with learning the plays and stuff like that," said Montgomery. "Coach (Rick) Smith, Kayvon (Webster), George (Baker) and Ernie (Tabuteau) have been there for me and helped out a lot, especially Ernie from the safety position

The 6-foot, 186 pound defensive back is versatile and can play either corner or safety and will play either position.

"I prefer to play…Wherever Coach Smith wants me to play at," said Montgomery. "That's where I'm going to play to the best of my ability."

Since arriving in the spring Montgomery has had to make a few adjustments.

"The Winter conditioning here is for real," said Montgomery.  "Everything is fast paced, 30 minutes or more, if you don't get it right, so I try and do it right the first time."

"Coach Golden has been working with me a lot, because he understands we didn't lift that heavy at JUCO round." said Montgomery. "With the facilities and weight room they have here you can get a much better work-out."

Montgomery also said with the nutrition he's getting since he arrived, he's been able to put some size on.

"Yes sir, its real good here, way better then JUCO," said Montgomery. "When I got here I was 179, now I'm 187 pounds."

For now Montgomery has a few goals.

"I'm working hard and competing for a job," said Montgomery.  "I want to get to get on the field whether it's at corner or at safety and be reliable for Coach Smith.

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