Evan Landi growing into tight end role

USF has a large group of seniors for 2012 and one of them is Evan Landi. The Bulls tight end is going through his final spring, and has worked hard in the eight room and film room to prepare for his senior season.

USF senior tight end Evan Landi is going through is final spring as a Bull and likes what he sees out of his teammates.

"There's a lot of intensity out there. We have good group of leaders and we're trying to bring everyone around," said Landi. "It's been real good and a lot of good work is being done out there."

Even though he's adjusting to a new tight end coach in Peter Vaas, who switched from quarterback coach, Landi says it's an easy transition for him.

"Our entire offensive staff is on the same page after being in the same system going on three years now," said Landi. "Coach Vaas, he's very big on technique and that goes a long way for all of us in the room."

Landi has seen time at quarterback and receiver, but is now going on his second year at tight end, and has worked hard this offseason to be even better at the position.

"I've tried to put on some weight, and mainly try to get a little more physical and work on my footwork," said Landi. "I've put on 20 pounds since before Vero Beach last season. I'm up to 238 now. I feel very comfortable and Coach Golden and the weight staff did a great job making sure I put it on the right way and can carry it."

With Coach Vass wanting to see a more physical game out of the unit, Landi embraces that.
I like that, physicality is a big part of the sport," said Landi. "He wants us to have the mindset that when our hands are in the dirt, we have to dominate."

Landi, who also used to play hockey, says that helps in being physical.

"Yeah being out on the ice helps and also being around other physical guys like Shields and Hawkins helps to," said Landi

Last season Landi was more of a receiver playing tight end, but that has changed for 2012.

"I feel more like a tight end now, with the added weight and I do more stuff with my hand in the dirt," said Landi. "I like it and learn something new every day.

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