USF OT Mark Popek gearing up for senior year

USF senior offensive tackle Mark Popek talks to USFN about his last spring as a Bull. Popek talks about the young guys replacing the snaps they lost when Chaz Hine and Jeremiah Warren graduated, how going against Ryne Giddins makes him bewtter, Coach Shankweiler and more.

USF senior offensive tackle Mark Popek talks about his last spring as a Bull.

"It's been fun, I'm getting a lot of work in, and we're getting a lot of good reps in with Coach Shankweiler and the boys," said Popek. "We're having a good competition with the defense. We have a very talented defensive line."

Popek, who is up to 305 pounds for the spring is now the veteran lineman on the Bulls roster.

"I just want to be more consistent then I was last year, and just avoid the mental errors," said Popek. "I just want o keep working hard and try to continue to make an impact on the offense."

Popek talks about the guys replacing the snaps they lost when Chaz Hine and Jeremiah Warren graduated.

"Austin Reiter is doing a good job and has taken up the mental side of the game. Damien Edwards has been here as long as I have so he's gotten reps, maybe not game reps, but in practice, and is a smart guy," said Popek. "Lawrence Martin is coming along, John McGhin is working at both center and guard and is doing a lot of good things."

Popek talks about what it's like going against Ryne Giddins and the defensive ends.

"I usually go up against Ryne Giddins and JuJu Forte, and both are very talented so it's always good work," said Popek. "Ryne is very talented and I think he's going to have a very good year. He gets a good step up field and makes me work very hard."

The Bulls senior is now in his third season with Coach Shankweiler and is on the same page

"I kind of picked up where he's at and am on the same page with him mentally," said Popek. "I really enjoy his coaching and techniques. I think they work very well and make me a better player.

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