Coach Scott likes what he sees out of the RBS

New running backs coach Larry Scott talks to about the running back unit this spring. Scott breaks down the players, the speed added to the unit, what he brings as a coach, and more.

New running backs coach Larry Scott talks to about the running back unit this spring.

"They're working hard and doing a great job. We set a goal when he started camp that we going to really focus on details, all the little things that lead to big runs, taking care of your protection, foot work, and eye control and doing all the little things that make you a better back."

Coach Scott talks about the running back this spring.

The senior Demetris Murray "Demetris is as solid as it gets," Scott said. "He understands the offense and understands what we want to get done. He's taking on the onus to do some things with his body, and tighten up his body which will help him become quicker, more violent, and more deliberate with his runs."

The speedster Lindsay Lamar "Speed is the one strength that everybody know Lindsey has," said Scott. "If you get him on the edge or get him on the second level you really have a chance for a potential big play."

The up and comer Marcus Shaw "Shaw is up to around 200 pounds and gives you speed and size. He's doing a good job of eating, lifting and getting bigger and stronger, and faster as well," Scott said. "He's focusing, paying attention to detail on and off the field. He's don e good job of maturing and   you can see he loves football."

Redshirt freshman Willie Davis "Willie is very tough kid, physically and mentally tough," said Scott. "He's done a good job of studying film, worked hard in the off-season and is reaping ht ebenifits.

Scott talks in detail about the backs, what he brings to the unit and more.

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