USF Spring ball: Depth chart battles emerging

With USF spring ball at the halfway point, Coach Holtz says the depth chart will be formulated after Friday's scrimmage, which is designed for a personnel evaluation. With depth chart implications on the line, there are several key position battles to monitor. Also see what newcomers are making a spring impact, what battles to watch closely and more.

With USF almost at the halfway point of spring practice, Coach Holtz has said that there is no current depth chart and said that they're not really evaluating it that way just yet, with the depth-chart being formulated after Friday's scrimmage and again during two spring games on April 14 and 21.
"Right now we're rolling with the ones, twos, and three's and a lot of guys are competing for positions, but there's no exact order,'' Holtz said. "Somebody running with the one's on Friday might be running with the three's on Monday. It's ever-changing and ever-evolving.

With Friday being the teams first full scrimmage, Holtz said this will be a scrimmage designed for a personnel evaluation with depth chart implications.  He also said that they will be counting plays, so that each player can be evaluated.

"We'll probably go in 8-10 plays series so we can mandate how many plays everybody gets," said Holtz. "We'll call some plays just to get the ball in somebody's hands, just to see what he can do with it."

Spring impact:

There were nine new Bulls who enrolled this spring and at this point Holtz thinks 4 have a big chance to make an early impact on the team.

One of those is defensive end Tevin Mims, a JUCO transfer who put on 20-pounds since his arrival.

"Of the new guys, I think Tevin Mims is doing an excellent job," said Holtz. "He has a shot."

With several defensive backs that graduated, the Bulls brought in two JUCO DBs in Fidel Montgomery and Joshua Brown and Holtz said both are in the competing for playing time.

"I think that Fidel Montgomery and Josh Brown are making an impact in the secondary and are up there competing," said Holtz. "Who's winning right now, that will be determined on Friday. But they're definitely in the mix."

The Bulls also had three interior offensive linemen graduate and brought in two transfers to help boster the teams depth in Lawrence Martin, a 6'3, 309 pounder from Merced college and  ,Chandlor Mathews, a 6'2, 285 pounder OG from Perl River. Right now one is standing out.

"I think Lawrence Martin is definitely a guy that's in the mix right now," said Holtz. "Chandlor Mathews is probably a little farther behind some of those guys right now, and I'm not down on him, but he's got a little farther to go."

Holtz said that nothing is set just yet, but those four have emerged as the early favorites to make an impact.

"Right now I think the four have an opportunity to make an early impact on the team right now," said Holtz. "Whether that's as a starter or back-up I got answer right now, but all four have a chance to make the two deep right now."

Position battles to monitor this spring

Quarterback B.J. Daniels may be entrenched as starter, but who's behind him is not with junior Bobby Eveld and red shirt freshman Matt Eveld fighting it out.

"Back-up quarterback will probably go the distance," said Holtz. "We only evaluate going through the three scrimmages where we actually grade. I think there's a heck of a battle going on with Bobby and Matt at back-up.

From what I've seen Floyd has made tremendous strides this spring, and could be making a move.

Outside of Demetris Murray, who is the veteran on the roster, there's a battle for who's next in line

"I think there are a lot of guys at running back doing a good job with guys like Willie Davis, and Lindsey Lamar, Marcus Shaw, and Bradley Battles are all in a clump right now," said Holtz. "We got to figure out who's going to come out of that."

Senior Kayvon Webster is proven and pretty much locked in at secondary, but outside of him is quite a battle going on.

"Kayvon is proven, but the offside corner is still unsettled, we talked about the two junior college transfers, and then add in George Baker and Kenneth Durden," said Holtz. "All those guys are kind of in a hat and we got to see who's going to emerge. We need a corner and we've got four guys fighting for it."

The Bulls have a solid trio in Sam Barrington, Mike Lanaris, and DeDe Lattimore, as well as Reshard Cliett, but they still need to build depth at linebacker.

"Those guys got to continue to work," said Holtz. "And we got to see which of the redshirt guys are going to step up."

The Bulls are at the halfway point, but are looking for answers to several spring questions.

"There are still a lot of question marks on this football team. We're not where we need to be, and we have a lot of question marks," said Holtz. "But what excites me is we have some talent to answer that, andt we just got to see how far along they are and how ready they are.

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