Cosh evaluates the Bulls defense

With the Bulls at the halfway point of spring practice, USF defensive coordinator Chris Cosh evaluates the defense. Coach also talks about the depth at linebacker, D-line, and secondary, and what he's looking to see in Friday's scrimmage.

USF defensive coordinator Chris Cosh evaluates the defense at the halfway point of spring practice.

"When we look at inventory of kind of goals we wanted to accomplish as a staff, we wanted to make an emphasis on pursuit, tackling, develop some leadership within our units, and develop communication between those units," said Cosh.  "We made some progress definitely in our pursuit, we run to the football, and we see effort there.  Now we need to emphasis our angles, but when you have effort like that, it's something you can build on."

"We got guys running our butt off to the football, and now we got to get there and get the guy on the ground, and a lot of that is the angles."

Cosh sees leaders emerging in all the units.

"I think we've developed some leadership within the groups, and I like to see that." said Cosh.  "You want to see that when things our tough towards the end of practice or when something isn't going right, that's when you want to see guys step up, and we do see that on the field so I'm encouraged by that."

"We still need to communicate better and talk about what's happening on the field," said Cosh. "We emphasized that today and I saw a difference on the field."

Everybody knows about the starting Trio of linebacker s in Sam Barrington, Mike Lanaris, and DeDe Lattimore, but Cosh spoke about those  next in line.

"I think Reshard Cliett is doing a good job, and usually when a guy moves from safety to linebacker, he has good coverage skills, and he does, but I'm seeing him do some things against the run, as an off the ball linebacker which is very encouraging to me, and I'm very happy with his progress.."

"At Will you have Mike Jeune, Antoine Pozniak , and Ryan Eppes, and that's a battle," said Cosh. "Mike Jeune is a pretty big hitter who arrives at the ball in a bad mood. I like what he's doing over there."

"At MIKE, there's Ruben Garcia, who is doing a very good job, Hans Louis, and Corian Hamilton," said Cosh.  "Hamilton is doing some really good things; he's a very athletic guy that just needs some refining. He's got some skills and ‘find the ball' ability, which is definitely a gift."

"He's battling. He's a worker. He's a smart kid, great student, likes the game," said Cosh of walk-on Ruben Garcia. "He's what college football is all about."

"Another guy that has shown some good things the last two practices is Edsel Caprice; he had a real good day today."

What he hopes to see in Friday's scrimmage

"After we come out of this scrimmage we'll see where we sit with 1s, 2s, and 3s," said Cosh. "We'll find out how it all shapes out."

"We put in everything, re-taught them, and now I want to see how they take what we taught them and how they take all those tools and to the scrimmage and play."

On the competition on the d-line making the players better

"Up front we have some competition and depth and I like the way they're working, the way they're competing, and I'm encouraged with the depth. Each day they're trying to one up each other," said Cosh. "Competition makes you better, and Iron sharpens iron, so those guys are working pretty hard."

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