Hard work paying off for USF WR Andre Davis

After giving Bulls fans a taste as a true freshman, wide receiver Andre Davis hard work this off-season was rewarded when he was listed as a No. 1 receiver on the first spring depth chart. Davis talks about earning the top spot, his off-season, why playing in front of the home town fans has its benefits, and more.

Bulls wide receiver Andre Davis gave fans a taste as a true freshman after catching 22 passes for 273 yards and two TDs with a 12.4 yards per catch average, and his hard work this off-season was rewarded when he was listed as a No. 1 receiver on the first spring depth chart.

"I guess hard work paid off. I feel pretty good about it right now, but I just have to keep working so I can stay there," said Davis."I've been getting better at the little things, such as blocking, and push pull reads, and just doing what I do."

Davis said that he has worked hard this offseason, putting on 20 pounds of muscle on his 6-foot-1 frame since he arrived and is now up to 208 pounds and has improved both physically and mentally.

I've been getting bigger, stronger, and more physical, and just doing all the little things right," said Davis. "I've been in this system for a year and I feel like I got everything down pat in knowing my reads, knowing my blocks and where I have to be," he said. "I'm just more comfortable with everything, and can be more physical and do it all 150 miles an hour now."

Coach Pathon took over the reigns as receiver coach this spring and Davis said he's helping him and the whole unit.

"He's been there and done it," said Davis. "He's done a lot to make us better. All the little things, like technique, footwork, and everything. He's working to get us to that next level. He's helping me get in and out of my breaks, getting lower, hand placement, and all kinds of things."

During last Saturdays scrimmage, Davis turned in a solid performance highlighted by a deep contested pass that he hauled in for a touchdown.

"I was just waiting for my chance to make a big play. They called it, I was ready for it and I made a big play," said Davis, who ran over and kissed hi mom afterwards. "I was just happy to see my mom at the scrimmage. I got in the end zone and saw her right there, so I ran over and gave her a kiss. She was surprised and didn't know I was coming."

Davis was a local stand-out at nearby Jefferson High School, and talked about why playing at USF has extra benefits.

"I love being able to have my family, aunts, uncles, my little sister and everybody seeing me doing great, " said Davis. "Me being here in my own back yard, everybody can come and see me. I tell the other local kids just to be comfortable in their decision. Being close to family isn't always a good thing, but it does have certain advantages, and that's what I stress to them."
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