Bulls in line for JUMBO D-tackle transfer

The Bulls could be getting some BIG help in the trenches very soon in the form of a 6'4 310 pound defensive tackle transfer. Read on for all the details only on USFNation.com

Back in December we told you about Soslan Gagloev, the professional SUMO wrestler turned football player at Weber International that was at looking to transfer to USF, but had not yet applied to do so.

The Russian born wrestling champion was at the Bulls first scrimmage with his family member and guardian and they told me they had applied and was just waiting to be accepted at USF.

This he week they got good the news that t he has been cleared and accepted.

"He's in, he's accepted, the NCAA has cleared him and USF has accepting his transcript, academically he's in good standing, and everything is good."

Now that he's accepted at USF, he's just waiting for his visa paperwork to finish up and will join the team as a preferred walk-on with hopes of earning a scholarship, either this summer or in time for fall camp.

"He's excited, happy and almost speechless, and is ready to compete and impress the college football world with what he can do.

Gagloev, who was once a 426 pound sumo champion, played as a 6-foot-4, 330 pound defensive tackle/offensive lineman at NAIA Webber International University, but said he has slimmed down to 310 pounds, is prepared to make the jump to D-1 football.

"He's been training hard and working on his game. He's also dropped weight and is down to 310 pounds, and he's gotten faster. He knows that Coach Kevin Patrick believes in him and doesn't want to let him down. He wants to over impress everyone and is going to work hard to do so."

The former Russian wrestling champion and Professional Sumo World champion bring a lot to the table.

"He's a very hard worker. Most people have talent and athletic ability, but not everybody has his work ethic that he does. He's a team player, can be a leader, doesn't give up, and has never been lazy in his life. Growing up he was a top free-style wrestler in Russia, joined the Olympic team, and then was a top sumo wrestler in the world in Japan in the top division, and has a black belt in judo. Whatever he attempts, he achieves. He's going to do very well at USF."

Gagloev and his guardian Bek enjoyed the scrimmage and will be at the spring game at Raymond James this Saturday.

"We really enjoyed the scrimmage and the defense really played well, especially the defensive line. I though the nose guard number 46 did an outstanding job. I think they did great overall and are going to be good this season. We can't wait to see them again on Saturday and watch them play, it's going to be a lot of fun."

They're also very aware of the Bulls in line to get 6-foot-7, 270 pound defensive end Aaron Lynch and are very excited for the future.

"I know they're getting that big defensive end from Notre Dame also. He's going to be a good addition and hopefully he and Solsan can play on the same line. They could do really well together because Solsan has the size and can stop up the running game and free up the other guys."

Stay tuned with USFNation.com as we keep you updated on Soslan Gagloev transfer.

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