Milton OL Eason Fromayan takes in USF

After seeing his recruitment take off during the spring evaluation period, Georgia offensive linemen Eason Fromayan has begun the process of taking visits and made a recent trip to Tampa to check out the Bulls. Read on to see how the visit went, his visit schedule and when he wants to make his decision.

After only playing football for two years, Alpharetta offensive linemen Eason Fromayan has seen his recruitment take off during the spring evaluation period.

"The spring was really good and I got a lot of offers, so it was a productive spring for me," said Fromayan. "I like it a lot and it's all still new to me. I never thought I'd be recruited like this and I 'm really enjoying it."

The 6-foot-5, 270-pound offensive plays left tackle but can play on either side of the line.

"All the coaches say I have really good feet, good quickness, pass blocking and things like that," said Fromayan. "I'm also a student of the game and picked it up pretty quick and don't miss many assignments."

Schools have taken notice of the lineman as he picked up seven offers from South Florida, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Wake Forest, East Carolina, Charlotte, and South Alabama, and has began forming relationships.

"I've got good relationships with the coaches at Wake Forest, South Florida, Syracuse and Cincinnati," said Fromayan. "I talk to all of them regularly."

With spring football over, Fromayan has begun the process of taking visits and made a recent trip to Tampa to check out the Bulls.

"I visited USF earlier this week and it was really nice," said Fromayan. "We actually spent the week down there vacationing with my family, so besides seeing the school we spent time going to the beach, parasailing, fishing, and jet skiing, so we had a good time."

Fromayan got to tour the campus and see what college life was like in Tampa.

"The campus was real nice, and it was a good size campus, but it was laid out nicely," said Fromayan. "Everything was brand new and I don't think we saw a building that was less than eight years old or recently updated. We got to see the student center and the dorms and itt was all very beautiful and the Florida weather was great."

"We met with the academic director

The Georgia standout got to take in the Bulls facilities and get a glimpse of the planned upgrades.

"The facilities were great. They got a good weight room and real nice practice fields," said Fromayan. "We saw the Leroy Selmon center where all the athletics are held, but they said they're about to redo all of it with all the individual athletics are moving into their own buildings and then that at will be all for football and this summer they're going to redo the locker rooms when the team is in Vero Beach. They also said they're going to build a new indoor facility which will be done by 2014."

Besides just seeing the weight room, Fromayan also got to watch the team work out.

"We got to watch all the linemen and running backs lift and really see the strength coach train and I definitely liked that because we train hard in Georgia," said Fromayan. "It was good to see them get after it."

While on his visit Fromayan got to spend more time with the USF coaches.

"Coach Scott is a real cool guy," said Fromayan. "He told us he was one of the first guys to sign a scholarship when the program was just starting and then went straight to coaching and has coached there his whole career.  He's great to talk with and seems very sincere."

"We spent a lot of time with Coach Shankweiler, and was just telling me to make sure I make a good connection with all the coaches, what to look for and just to make sure you're happy with the staff," said Fromayan. "He was a real guy too and seems like he focuses on the details."

"The whole staff seems like they do things right and are getting the program heading in the right direction," said Fromayan. "They seem like they take care of the players and they all seem like they are a close staff."

A few things stood out while on the visit, including the closeness of the team.

"What stood out was how close all the coaches and players were. Everyone seemed to be working together, enjoying themselves and having a goodtime. They're a close knit group.," said Fromayan. "Overall visit was great and it definitely helped how I feel about the program.

USF might have been the first trip but not the last as Fromayan checked out Georgia Tech after he saw USF and has a busy visit schedule.

"We checked out Georgia Tech and got a tour of the campus, and got a good feel for their campus," said Fromayan. "I'm going to Cincinnati on Saturday and then coming back and will see Wake Forest."

With seven offers in hand, Fromayan isn't ready to name a leader just yet, but is very interested in the Bulls.

"I don't have a lot of offers, so they all stick out to some degree, but I'm very interested in USF," said Fromayan. "I just want to take all my visits, see everything and then I'll have a clearer picture after I'm done. I hope to be able to make a decision before the start of the season."

Fromayan does know what factors he's looking for in making his choice.

"I'm looking at how I fit in with the team and the academics of course," said Fromayan. "Those are the two big things."

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