OL Corey Helms "The visit went amazing!"

Milton's Cory Helms, a pure center prospects from Alpharetta, GA with 11 offers took a recent trip to Tampa to check out what USF had to offer. The three-star lineman prospect talks about the visit, where the Bulls stand, and when he plans on making a decision.

3-star center prospect Cory Helms has a busy summer planned checking out colleges, and this weekend took a trip to Tampa check out one of his top choices and see what the Bulls had to offer.

"The visit went amazing!" said Helms. "Everything stood out to me. All of the facilities, the relationship with the coaches, the offense, the depth chart, competition level, it's a perfect fit, and the fact that you can build your own legacy."

Helms came in with his family and got to tour the USF campus and the Bulls athletic village.

"The Campus is beautiful and there's nothing not to like about it," said Helms. "It's so big and spread out, but all the athletic stuff is close and right there."

"The facilities were top notch. The practice fields are the best around and the weight room is awesome. The locker room is nice as it is and is getting remodeled, and they're also getting an indoor facility. Everything was just great."

While on the visit Helms spent time with Coach Larry Scott, Coach Shankweiler and the Bulls staff,

"I really like them a lot. They already feel like my family honestly!" said Helms. "I feel they have the same goals for me as I do."

"They just expressed how bad they really want me, how I'm perfect fit for their offense, and I'm the guy they want," said Helms. "They told me I'm the only center they've offered and they have to sign a true center, and that made me feel special."

The Georgia lineman also got to meet a few of the USF  players

"They worked out early in the morning so they were gone for the weekend, so I only met a few of them.  But they all seemed really cool," said Helms.

The O-line prospect got to watch film and get a better look at the USF offense and liked what he saw.

"I loved it. They pound it down your throat!" said Helms. "They love to run the ball, and so do I."

The Bulls are graduating three seniors this year and Helms likes after checking out the Bulls depth chart and sees an opportunity with USF.

"The depth chart looked good," said Helms. "I have a chance to either compete to start as a true freshman at guard or I can redshirt and then start as a redshirt freshman center."

While on the trip, Helms enjoyed spending time with USF Head Coach Skip Holtz

"He's an awesome guy! He's completely honest and he truly cares about me," said Helms. "He's a Christian and wants the same things I want, to work and to win."

Coming into the visit Harris said he had a short list of schools sticking out including "USF, Wake Forest, and Cincinnati," and talked about how the visit affected how he feels about the Bulls.

"It made it really clear to me. I have no questions about the program. I just got to see a couple of more places," said Helms. They're definitely at the top."

Harris said during his visits he was looking for the ‘it' factor in a school, and said how USF measured up.

"They had ‘IT'!" said Helms, who also said USF was the perfect fit "With the depth chart and the campus, how I fit in socially. It just has everything."

Next on tap for Helms is a visit to Wake Forest this Wednesday

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