Two standing out for Virginia RB D.J. Reid

One of the top prospects from the state of Virginia is Thomas Dale's Daniel Reid. The 3-star running back has an impressive list of offers with two programs sticking out in Virginia Tech and South Florida. Read on for the latest on the coveted recruit, who his leaders are and why, his summer visit plans, and more.

Thomas Dale standout Daniel Reid is one of the top prospects from the state of Virginia and a little bit of everything for the Knights last season, playing QB, RB, WR, PR/KR, and OLB. As a multipurpose player he ended up with over 1,600 yards of offense with 13 touchdowns and a 7.7 ypc rushing average.

"I had around 1,300 yards rushing with 13 touchdowns, 200 yards receiving, and over 200 return yards. I threw some, but not a lot last season," said Reid. "I would have done better but I missed a game and was limited in a few others due to injuries, wasn't 100 percent, and couldn't run as hard as I wanted to. This upcoming season people are going to see a different player with more power and speed and are going to say wow."

"This year my workload is going to be heavier, touching the ball twenty five-plus times at quarterback or running back," said Reid. "I'm also going to playing some slot receiver and on defense they want me to start at safety. I'll do whatever the team needs me to do."

The 6-foot-1, 207 pound prospect already has college size and speed to go with it, running a 4.55 forty and a 10.9 in the 100 at state this year.

"I have power and speed," said Reid. "But my best asset is my vision and being able to see the field. That's the difference in turning a small gain into a big one or going all the way for a score."

Reid has the physical assets scouts want in a player, and with his versatility is being recruited to play running back as well as other positions.

"Many schools see all the positions I play and just want to get me into their program," said Reid. "a lot are saying I'll probably start out at running back, but will also return kicks and play a little wild cat quarterback as well. Some are also looking at me at defensive back."

On the recruiting front schools have taken notice and extended scholarship offers to the 3-star prospect..

"I have offers from Boston College, South Florida, Virginia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, N.C. State, Temple, and UCF," said Reid. "I also have a lot of others showing interest like Miami and Michigan, but they just to see me in person before offering."

With a solid list of programs recruiting him, Reid says two are standing out.

"My top two schools right now are South Florida and Virginia Tech, they're both standing out to me," said Reid. "They're also the schools that are recruiting me the hardest."

Reid said he's had the most contact with USF assistant coach Joe Sloan, who always keeps in contact, and does so in unconventional ways.

"The other day South Florida sent me like 20 letters with each one having one word, like We – Want- you – in – Green – and – Gold..," said Reid. "I was like hey coach that was real cute how you did it and I'll remember that."

"I like Coach Sloan a lot, and he's a very funny guy. He's also from this area so he knows Coach Tuck very well and they're both very similar," said Reid. "He's just a great guy to talk to and very easy going."

The Thomas Dale standout also has had interaction with Bulls running back coach Larry Scott.

"Coach Scott came up to watch me play, but I was sad because I didn't have my cleats.

"He said I exceeded all his expectations and loved watching me play," said Reid. "He said I had great hips, they way I moved in and out of my cuts and how fluid I was. He said he needed that at South Florida. He's very down to earth and we can talk about anything. I like him a lot."

The coveted back talks about why location is a big factor for his two leaders.

"Virginia Tech is high because of their location and their business school program," said Reid. "They're very close to home."

"With USF, my whole family is from Tampa and that's where most of them live," said Reid. "So if I choose them it would be a nice move for my family not to mention the weather is always great."

Reid also knows about the offense the Bulls run

"From what I've seen they're very versatile and know how to spread the ball around, whether it's the ‘I' or the pistol, or other formations that they run," said Reid. "They show a lot of different looks and I like that."

A chance for playing time is a big factor in Reid's decision and he sees an opportunity with the Bulls.

"I want to have a good opportunity for playing time and a chance to start," said Reid. "I don't want to go to a big school and be a number and maybe not play until my junior year. I want to get a chance to play or start as a freshman. I know I can get on the field anywhere if I put in the work, and don't shy away from competition, but I want to go where there is a good opportunity."

"Another big thing that attracted me to South Florida is their running back depth chart," said Reid.  "I looked up the USF running backs and right now they have two seniors and a junior college back and have two younger guys. They said in this class they like to take me as the every down back and a smaller back for a change of pace. After next year, the two seniors will be gone and the junior will be in his final year and then it would be us young guys."

Reid said he's been to Virginia Tech already, but hopes to take a few visits once his spring football is over this month as well as compete in a few camps this summer.

"I want o visit South Florida and VT again, but I have several camps were participating in, and I have to work around my dad, who's retiring from the military schedule," said Reid. "I'm thinking either late June or early July."

"I'm really looking forward to the visits. I want to see what the atmosphere is like and if it's my type of style, and how the academics are and if I'd like it there and fit in," said Reid. "My dad says to make sure that wherever I choose I like it, because I'm going to be there for the next 4-5 years of playing football, but also be sure I like it for outside of football or after it."

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