USF Visit answers questions 4-star RB Collins

South Plantation's Alex Collins is one of the state's top running backs, and even though he's committed to Miami, he's keeping his options open and taking visits to check out other programs. This past weekend the 4-star prospect took a trip to Tampa to check out what USF had to offer, and like what he saw and heard.

There's no question that Alex Collins is already one of the top running backs in the state, and this weekend he got to display a different skill set while his team competed in the USF Sling and shoot this past weekend.

"The tourney was good, there was a lot of competition, and we did pretty well," said Collins. "Our final record was 8-4, but we got to work on a lot of things and we connected as a team and got that team bond that that we were looking for."

"I think I did pretty well over the weekend and scored a lot of touchdowns to keep us in games and get us some wins," said Collins. "I think I had a good overall performance and put on a good show for the coaches."

Over the weekend the 5-foot-11, 200 pound backs showed that besides being big and powerful, he could catch the ball, and use his speed to turn those catches into big gains or long scores.

"When the quarterback depended on me to catch the ball, I came through for him. That's going to show that I can do more than just run with the ball. I can also leak out in the flats, or go down the middle of the field when the team needs a third and long or just a quick play to get some yards."

"My speed is always something I work on, because during the regular season All I usually show is power running through the hole, and no-one thinks I have the speed, and this was the perfect place for me to showcase that I have speed as well."

On the recruiting front, Collins, who has over two-dozen offers and is committed to Miami, said he's keeping his options open and has been taking visits.

"Everything has been going good and I've been keeping my options open and taking some visits," said Collins. "I recently went to FSU, UCF, and this weekend I saw USF."

The 4-star running back talks about his visit to USF.

"We came in early and they gave us a tour of the campus, they talked about the program and everything they had to offer and got to meet with a few of the coaches. It was a real nice experience.

"It s a pretty big and nice campus, and I liked the facilities they have. Everything here is beautiful and it's something I could look forward to playing at."

The elite running back said he was speaking the most with USF running back Coach Larry Scott and felt they've developed a bond.

"He was telling me how dynamic I am and how he would love t have me in his backfield," said Collins. "Coach Scott is a pretty good guy. I've known him since the regular season, and we've bonded. I like Coach Scott a lot and I could see myself being coached by him."

Collins said he is still a Miami commit, but is keeping his options open and has a list of schools he's still interested in.

"Right now I'm committed to Miami, but I like to keep my options open and take these visits to see what's out there," said Collins. "Miami, Florida State, Wisconsin, USF and UCF are the schools I'm interested in."

The No 20th rated back in the county talks about what keeps USF among the schools he's interested in.

"I really love the program and I like the campus and facilities and feel the program is on the verge of being really good," said Collins.  "I can see myself being a big dynamic back in their offense and doing big things in the Big East. I look forward to being one of the best players coming out of the school that I go to."

The coveted back said he had questions coming into his visit, and had them all answered over the weekend.

"The visit went very well and it just answered some questions I had and helps me in the recruiting process," said Collins. "Things like the direction the program is heading, what are they looking for out of a running back and what they're looking for me to do if I come to this school. All of those questions were answered positively for me."

Collins said he plans on taking his official visits this fall, but is more concerned with getting his team ready for the upcoming season.

 "I haven't really thought about it yet, but I do plan on taking my official visits and I'm looking forward to taking those visits. Nothing is set up yet and I haven't thought that far ahead as to where or when," said Collins. "I'm more concerned with our team and getting ready for the season. Right now I'm focused on working with my team and forming that bond to take us through the season."

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