Local DT Garcia visits USF, eyeing decision

Robert Garcia, a standout two-way lineman for Tampa Jesuit High with double-digit offers made two trip to check out the hometown team. The 6'3.5, 255 pound prospect that's project as a DT, talks about his recent visits, why he likes the hometown team and when he plans on making his college choice.

Last week one of the Bulls top defensive line prospects Robert Garcia, a local defensive lineman from Jesuit stopped by to meet up with the staff. Garcia first went by on Saturday while USF held their Sling & Shoot and Big Man camp and then made a return trip during the week.

"I went to USF but didn't work out. I just wanted to go and meet up with the staff," said Garcia. "I got to talk with Coach Patrick a lot, and we talked about all kinds of things, but mostly about USF and where am at in my recruiting process."

The Jesuit standout defensive lineman got to meet another local prospect, Robinson DT Bruce Hector.

"I got to talk with Bruce Hector, and get his opinions on how he felt about USF," said Garcia. "I knew who he was but never met him before. He seemed like a real nice guy and was very happy with his decision and was very excited about going to USF. Afterwards, we both went and talked with Coach Patrick. It was good."

The local prospect decided to make a return trip during the week when the camp wasn't going on.

"I went back during the week to see how their work outs were and that was real good," said Garcia. "Everyone was working hard and there wasn't much joking around while they were working."

"Got to meet a couple of d-linemen, a center, a linebacker, and a corner, it was hard to know all the names because they all happened at once. I got to meet B.J. Daniels, and Luke Sager, who I knew, Bobby Eveld, and a D-end named Julius (Forte)," said Garcia. "I couldn't believe how big everybody was, everyone was as big as me, even the running backs were big, and everybody was ripped."

"The players all seem like they're good guys and have a good relationship with the coaches. They were -all joking around with them during their breaks and everyone g was laughing."

The 6-foot-3.5, 255 pound defensive tackle enjoyed watching the USF strength coach and staff work with the players.

"The strength coaches are crazy, just crazy" said Garcia. "They were pumped up, yelling during the lifts, and after they were done with a set, they were throwing the weights and medicine ball around like they were nothing.  They were doing all this stuff to build strength and said incorporate yoga and MMA stuff to work on their hands strength and speed. Everything is about the hands now.  It was all very cool."

During his second visit Garcia got to meet with the Head Coach Skip Holtz again, and said that went very well.

"Coach Holtz is a real nice guy and I never seen him mad or lose his cool," said Garcia. "They made it sound like I'm a high priority and the guy they want the most.  Every college says that, but they seem real sincere about it. They were telling me how they really like me, especially since I'm local guy and want to have a lot of good local talent on the team."

 The 2013 defensive tackle said he has around 12 offers, and USF is at the top of his list along with FAU, but the recent visits have helped how he felt about the Bulls.

"Both visits went real well, and they definitely made me like USF more," said Garcia. "I just feel that much more comfortable being there. After you get to know a lot of people that are nice and welcoming, it's a good feeling."

Garcia talked about what he likes about the USF program.

"I really like the coaches, get along with them well. I like the campus, the facilities and the dorms, and it looks like a good place to live," said Garcia. "They're a program on the move and are heading in the right direction. They've beaten many top in-state teams including FSU and Miami. I like USF and it seems like a good fit for me."

The 2013 defensive tackle said he's thinking about making an early decision.

"I'd like to make my decision before school starts so I don't have to worry about it," said Garcia. "We start the third week of August and I'm thinking about doing before then."

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