Local DT Robby Garcia chooses home town Bulls

The Bulls continue to build a home town team when Robert Garcia, a local prospect at Tampa Jesuit High school, committed to the staff on Today. The 6'3.5, 255 pound prospect that had double-digit offers, made two trips to USF last week, before pledging to the staff following another visit on Tuesday, saying it was the perfect fit and the best choice for him. Read on for all the details.

The USF staff got good news when one of the Bulls top defensive line prospects, Jesuit's defensive lineman Robert Garcia, chose to play for the Bulls. The 6-foot-3, 258 pound local prospect made two trips to USF last week, and was close to committing, then did so on his third visit with his father today.

"Yes sir I committed today," said Garcia. "I went by the school with my dad and told the staff I was ready."

"I really like the coaches, get along with them well. I like the campus, the facilities and the dorms, and it looks like a good place to live," said Garcia. "They're a program on the move and are heading in the right direction. They've beaten many top in-state teams including FSU and Miami. I like USF and it seems like a good fit for me."

"Another reason was that they were also close to home," said Garcia. "I wanted to stay close so my family and friends could come watch me play."

The 2013 defensive tackle said he has around 12 offers, including ones from South Florida, Iowa State, Air Force, Navy, Ohio, &and FAU, but his recent visits had the Bulls on top

"Both visits went real well, and they definitely made me like USF more," said Garcia. "I just felt that much more comfortable being there

Garcia didn't commit on last week, but did so today and talked about how it went down.

I showed up this morning and Coach Patrick showed us the new locker rooms they building and then when upstairs where the defensive coaches were having a meeting. That's when they asked why we came for another visit and I told them I wanted to commit," said Garcia. "They were all very excited shook my hands and said they were very happy to hear the goods news."

After attending several camps and his recent visits, Garcia has got a good feel for the USF coaching staff.

"I like the staff at USF and think they're good coaches," said Garcia. "I like Coach Patrick's energy and enthusiasm, and how he coaches and breaks everything down. Coach Shankweiler, Coach Smith and Coach Holtz are all great guys."

"They made it sound like I'm a high priority and the guy they want the most.  Every college says that, but they seem real sincere about it," said Garcia. "They were telling me how they really like me, especially since I'm local guy and want to have a lot of good local talent on the team."

Garcia has been to USF several times and liked the campus and what they done with the football facilities as well as the entire athletic village.

"The campus is nice, really nice and huge," said Garcia. "All their new things they've done with the facilities really look great. The practice fields look great. They got two grass fields and a turf field which great to have to practice on. The weight room is one of the more top notch gyms I've been in and has everything you need to get work in. They're are redoing the the locker rooms now and are going to get an indoor practice facility."

"Everything they're doing for all sports looks great," said Garcia. "That was the first time seeing the Sun Dome and practice facility since they redid it and it looks awesome. The new baseball field, softball, and soccer stadiums are all brand new and really impressive looking."

The Jesuit lineman plays both ways recording 31 tackles and eight sacks on defense and six pancakes on offense, but is being recruited to play defensive tackle by USF.

Now that he's committed, Garcia is very happy with his decision.

USF was a very good fit for me, and felt that USF was the best place for me to be," said Garcia. "I feel relieved now that it's done. Now I can relax and look forward to my senior year."

"I'm very solid with my decision," said Garcia. "I'm not sure about taking any other official visits, because it's something I'd like to do, because I worked hard to get to this point. I'll see what if USF is alright with it down the road. But I'm solid with my choice."

Stay tuned for more details on the Bulls newest commit.

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