New top schools for 3-star LB Nigel Harris

Hillsborough's Nigel Harris, a 3-star outside linebacker is getting ready for the upcoming season. The 6-foot-1, 204 pound prospect said he has a new group of top schools heading into the season.

Now that summer is over Hillsborough's 3-star linebacker Nigel Harris, a ready for camp and the next phase of recruiting.

"I've been working out by myself, but we start fall camp on Monday," said Harris.  "It's been a good summer playing on 7on7's but I'm most definitely ready to get back in there and get working with my team.

The 6-foot-1, 204 pound outside linebacker that recorded 90 tackles and four sacks as a junior,  has put on size and muscle heading into the season.

"Yeah I weighed in at 204 the other day, so I'm getting bigger and stronger," last season I was around 1

On the recruiting front things are going well for the 3-star prospect rated the No. 74 best outside linebacker, as he now has double digit offers. Harris put out a top three last month, then said he was open during the USF Sling and Shoot, but now things have changed.

"I do have an update and have a new top list of schools," said Harris. "In no particular order they are Vanderbilt, USF, and Arizona. Also Purdue is in the mix for me."

The Hillsborough standout talks about why he put out a new top school list.

"As the time is getting closer to me making that decision, I want to start getting into the schools that I want to take my official visits to and have a good idea of where I want to go to," said Harris. "Things could change as the season goes on, but these are the four schools I'm focusing on heading into the season."

With four schools on his radar, Harris talks about each of the programs he's focused on.

Arizona "I have a lot contact with the staff there and he keeps me updated on what's going on," said Harris. "Arizona seems like a good place to be at."

Vanderbilt "The coaches have been showing me a lot of love and I have a good connection with the staff," said Harris. "I've been there, it's a nice campus and they have real good academics and education is big part of the process."

South Florida "USF has a real good coaching staff and have a good program," said Harris. "Also knowing that they are home and here in Tampa, which has its advantages."

Purdue "I've been keeping in contact with the staff there for some time and we've become friends," I still need to go there to find out more."

A little while ago USF wasn't included in his top school list, and Harris says what changed.

"I like the staff and I connected with Coach Cosh at the Sling and shoot," said Harris. "We had a good conversation of where I stand and what he sees in me in the future, as far as my body frame and how I've change in my size, because I've gotten bigger.  He also said he likes the way I move and react to certain things, and how coachable I am."

"I know a lot of people there and I've been there many times, and they have a good program with very nice facilities, weight room, & practice fields," said Harris."They're using a lot of resources to keep improving everything they have."

"Lindsey Lamar is my cousin and I he tells me all kinds of good things that they do to motivate him," said Harris. "That shows that USF is a great place to make you better."

As too when Harris will make his college choice, he's unsure, but does know what he's looking for in a program.

"I have no idea when I'll decide, things could change, and I'll know more as the season progresses," said Harris. "The main factors I'm looking at are the environment of the school and the surrounding city, the academics of the school, the coaching staff and the football program itself, and the fan base."

With camp beginning, Harris said he has no upcoming visits set up right now.

"No I don't have anything right now," said Harris. "I'm just focusing on our camp and upcoming season."

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