Fitch: Offense getting close to final product

After Practice USF offensive coordinator Todd Fitch talked about the Bulls offense as camp comes to an end. Fitch said the depth chart is near finalized and are a lot closer to the final product. Coach also previews Fridays scrimmage, who's been standing out, what players may be heading for a redshirt, and more.

After practice Coach Fitch talked about the scrimmage and how most of the depth chart is near finalized at this point.  

"I think we're a lot close to the final product, so to speak. We had a couple injuries that slowed the process down. Nothing major, but it slow down the decision process a bit. I think we honed in and we might have had two or three questions before, but now we may be down to one. Barring any injuries I think we're pretty set on what we'll go with in week one."

Fitch said that due to a minor injury that Damien Edwards has sustained, the move of Mark Popek to guard and Darrell Williams to starting Left tackle is likely the direction they are heading, saying "We did that to try and get the right mixture of guys on the field."

Fitch talked about guys being able to play multiple position due to injuruy and the benefit of cross training.  

"You want guys that can do two things, you want guys that can play at guard and tackle as you get through the season.  We're happy with what we have in terms of versatility."

The Bulls offensive coordinator talked about the final scrimmage to be played on Friday saying the scrimmage will focus on "game situations" and will be situation based" since they are just a week and a half away from finally playing, "It will be a lot of game rehearsal so we can see how the guys handle game situations" as they will be practicing sudden change situations with the punting team coming on after 3rd downs so they can get used to it "We want them through that experience  before next Saturday."

Marcus Shaw holding on to the number two spot

With senior Demetris Murray locked in as the starter, Fitch said that Junior Marcus Shaw is the No. 2 running back.

"I think Marcus would be the 2nd guy right now," he said.  "We'll see what goes on Friday, but as this camp has unfolded all 3 guys (Murray and Lamar as well) have done a nice job.  I think he'll be the 2nd guy in the game, so to speak, but you know we have a lot of versatility there and it's going to be a long season so we'll see how it unfolds."

Several players could be heading for a redshirt

Coach Fitch reiterated that there are several non freshmen players that could take advantage of using a redshirt this season
One of those is senior Bobby Eveld, who the coaches are definitely considering redshirting him to get a year back for him as well.  Fitch had this to say about this situation:

"Yeah it's still a consideration ... if it's late in the game action then we don't want to use his year for that.  As we've talked about, if there's an injury or something along those lines, then all bets are off.  Both he and Matt are doing a nice job.  It would be something we are trying to do, but there are no guarantees."

He also talked about JUCO transfer Michael Pierre looks to be heading for a redshirt, barring any injuries.

"Yeah, we'd like to (redshirt him), just being a new guy and having some depth at the RB position.  In a perfect world that would be something that would be good for him," said Fitch.  "He has some talent, we like him, he's physical, he runs pretty hard. But with some of the kids in front, it's always hard to get that 3rd and 4th tailback snaps.  He's not going to start on special teams and play 10 plays on offense, you're not going to burn a year for 10 or something snaps a game."
With three senior tight ends, Fitch said the same thing regarding true sophomore Ty Turner.

 "Yeah, we used him last year, right now we have a lot of depth at TE position so that's a guy that we'd like to get his year back because we think he has a bright future." Fitch added "It be better for him and us long term." Click here for more info on Wednesday's practice and to share your thoughts with other USF insiders -- get the inside scoop!

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