Coach Patrick talks about Bulls depth at DT

USF defensive tackle Coach Patrick talks about the depth of the unit & who has emerged this camp. Coach discuses the growth of junior Luke Sager, what players took advantage while senior Cory Grissom was injured, the development of freshman James Hamilton, and more.

After practice on Thursday, we got to speak with USF defensive tackle Coach Kevin Patrick, who talks about depth at the defensive tackle position.

Patrick discusses the growth of true freshman James JT Hamilton.

Coach also talks very highly of junior Luke Sager and how he's really emerged as a versatile player and calls him the rock on the defensive line.

He talks about Clavion Nelson at the 3-tech, and how he could see on the outside as well this season.

Patrick is really happy to have Cory Grissom back and credits his work ethic to get back this early.

He also says that sophomore Elkino Watson has really grown in his second year with the team, and has improved his fundamentals.

Patrick said Demi Thompson had a great start of camp and burst out of the block, and he's eager to get him back full go.

Even though he can't play this year due to having to sit out his transfer year, Coach said Soslan Galoev, who he calls "Sauce", has to learn the fundamentals of the game, but the joker is so big and strong that it takes a lot to move him off of the nose position. He's learned a lot pays attention to details and puts his work in. 

Here is the video interview.

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