Smith: Bulls DBs need to step up their play

USF secondary Coach Rick Smith talks about what he sees out of the DBs through three games. Coach breaks down the unit, the lack of turnovers, the issues on third and long, how senior CB George Baker is the biggest surprise so far, what they need to work on, and what to expect against Ball Sate and more. Stay informed with

With three games in the books and a road game with Ball Sate on tap, we got to speak with USF secondary Coach Rick Smith, who gives his insight on the Bulls DBs after 3 games. 

Coach Smith said that senior George Baker is the biggest surprise so far in the secondary, saying Baker is really playing well and he's really encouraged with his play and conditioning. 

With several players banged up, Coach said Kayvon played well after not practicing. He said he thought he should have given the younger guys or back-ups (Fidel Montgomery and Joshua Brown) more and said that Brown has gotten a lot better as of late. 

Smith talked about the lack of interceptions and that he thinks they will come in time, but added that the interceptions come as a team and also come out of good pressure and not losing containment from the d-line and linebackers.

With the Bulls defense struggling to get off the field, Smith commented on the lack of the defense coming up big on third down and said why a few of them happened, signaling out nickle back Ernie Tabuteau as having three missed assignments causing three conversions.

Smith also said that Ernie won't be playing Nickle this week but didn't know who would be, and added that they may not play a lot of the nickle package due to injuries..

Smith also said that they may not play a lot of the nickle package due to injuries.

Coach broke down the Ball State Match-up, saying that their QB is a real good player that can make throws and that they have a good receiving unit.  But they won't be as tough as Nevada was.Here's the full video interview.;feature=plcp

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