Bulls want more consistency out of the D-Line

The USF defensive line was supposed to be one of the strengths for 2012, but through three games the production hasn't been there the way we anticipated. We spoke with Bulls DT coach Kevin Patrick, who says they've done some good things but wants more consistency out of the unit. Coach talks about what he's seeing out of the unit, the challenge that Ball State presents and more

The USF defensive line was supposed to be one of the strengths for 2012, but through three games the production hasn't been there the way we anticipated. We got to speak with USF defensive tackle coach Kevin Patrick, who talks about the unit,

"They've done some good things but I want more consistency out of the unit," said Patrick. "More consistent with violence, pass rush and with their rush defense against the rush."

There have some good play out of the line that showed flashes of what they can do.

"There were some great play during the Rutgers loss, Pork chop played his tail off, but overall they weren't consistent enough," said Patrick. "They have been working on it in practice, and the focus is on playing fast, playing violent, and play with a sense of urgency."

One of the stars on the D-line is Cory Grissom, who just came back from injury and is still getting back in game shape.

"Chop is 100 percent, at least mentally, but physically he's not there yet and still has to get his body conditioned more," said Patrick. "He's not where he was last year yet. As good as he is, he's drawing more attention and has to learn how to counter that and make more plays. There's nobody more focused or carries more urgency then Chop."

Playing as a true freshman, Elkino Watson made splash last year, but so far we haven't seen that from him.

"I want more consistency, we've seen flashes, but not at a consistent level as we need," said Patrick."He hasn't been making those same plays he did last year. "Watson did have a child last week so that has given him a renewed motivation."

 Todd Chandler didn't play last season, and has also showed promise, but still needs to improve.

"There were plays against Rutgers where he just dominated the center. He's starting to show those flashes, but after being out last year still has to get into that game mode," said Patrick. "He still isn't where we need him to be, but the whole front four isn't where we need them to be, and that's something we have to shore up."

The upcoming opponent Ball State hasn't had problems putting up points and will be a tough foe.

 "Their o-line has 124 starts combined, they're tight, well coached, were top 10 last season in not giving up sacks, and that they play well together," said Patrick." They did it against Clemson, and they will be a challenge."

With Ball State next on tap , Patrick said want he wants to see out of the D-line this week

"A complete game, not just bits and pieces, but a complete game start to finish. I want to see utter violence, just pure violence, on the field, moving to the ball. a complete game where we can put together what we work on everyday and take that to the game and have success and do it consistently."

Patrick said that with the extra time to prepare the team looks ready in practice. "The look very focused, they are a very cerebral group and know the game, and what they need to work on and have shown that on the field."

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