Holtz "Seems like we've been here before."

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz talks about the Bulls gut wrenching 25-27 road loss to the Cards. Their 5th straight on the season.

Head Coach Skip Holtz talks after the Bulls loss to Louisville

"Seems like we've been here before, we had our opportunities today, but one thing I certainly can say is that this team did go out and just compete their tails off - just the energy, the way they competed, I know everyone gets tired of hearing it, but that was one heck of a football game to come on the road here. We didn't play perfect, we made some mistakes and I like to have some calls back. I'd like to have a couple open field opportunities to make a tackle. There are a lot of things that you wish you could take back in a game like this, but the one thing you can't take away from this football team is the effort that they put on the field and the way they that they play."

"There are opportunities for them to hang their heads and say we made a mistake, when you've found a way to lose four close football games but they refuse to do it. They won't give up. I feel like we ran out of time. There are certainly a few things that we can go back and question, but over all its just a painful feeling to put both your feet in as much as this team has - to jump in as much as they have, and to come out here and compete as hard as they do and continually end up on the short end in a game like this. It's frustrating, there's a lot of pain in that locker room."

On the Defense during the final drive
"We talked about going after them once they crossed midfield; I thought we had them in the sack a couple times. I thought Teddy Bridgewater did a great job of taking it from underneath, getting it away from pressure and running with the ball. He had the personal foul that I thought was an awfully close call to call in a couple point football game going down the stretch. And for Kayvon Webster, he put a hand on him, but what I saw in front of me, I didn't think he put a vicious hit on him that would result in a penalty."


On the progress of the team
"Lindsey Lamar really played his biggest role so far this year. Demetris Murray is running extremely hard battling for some tough yards, but Lindsey Lamar and Marcus Shaw have some big play ability and they showed that today. To go in here and play offensively to rush for 200 yards against a defense that was giving up 100 yards rushing, I thought said a lot."

"During the first half, I did not feel our offensive line played with the same intensity as the rest of the football team did in the first half. When they came out in the second half they played inspired football in the second half, but you have to play 60 minutes. It's frustrating to watch them compete so hard, and not only on game day. We came so close and we wanted the win, but unfortunately, we weren't able to get it."

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