USF a perfect fit for JUCO O-lineman Wallace

Marquis Wallace, a 6-foot-5, 315 pound versatile offensive lineman from Lackawanna College visited South Florida this past weekend. Read on a see what the 3-star tackle thought of his trip, the Bulls new head caoch and where the Bulls stand.

This past weekend Marquis Wallace, a 6-foot-5, 315 pound versatile offensive lineman from Lackawanna College visited South Florida and liked what he saw down in Tampa.

"My visit with USF went great," said Wallace.  "I got in Friday and they didn't have a head coach yet, but they hired and announced Coach Taggart on Saturday, so that was pretty cool."

The Bulls new head coach already had a recruiting relationship with Wallace which made it easier.

"I really like Coach Taggart and already knew him because he was recruiting me at Western Kentucky before he made the switch," said Wallace. "He's young, energetic, and a real cool coach."

Taggart made a big impression on the visiting 3-star lineman right from the get go.

"When he first addressed all of us as a whole, he was telling us that he needs all the guys he's bringing in to come in and help right away," said Wallace, "He said they have a very young team with a lot of freshmen and need experienced guys that can play and help bridge the gap."

During the one-on-one meeting with Coach Taggart Wallace heard good things from the Bulls coach.

"He just said to me that he knew me well since we've been going through the recruiting process for a long time already while he was at WKU, but he's here at USF now and is the same coach just with a different team," said Wallace. "The main thing he was telling me was that he likes me, needs me, and wants to bring a National championship to South Florida. He said that he feels he has a better shot to do that at USF and that's why he left to come here."

The JUCO standout has already been to Tampa before, but liked seeing the USF program up close.

"The campus was real nice and so were the facilities," said Wallace. "The facilities were great, top notch, and some of the best I've seen. Locke room, practice fields, training room and their strength and condition program were all great."

"Tampa was a real nice city to be in and there's a lot to do there," said Wallace.  "I have a cousin who's a police officer there and have some family down there so I've been there several times already and like it a lot."

Wallace has already been to a DI school when he was at West Virginia, and said he doesn't focus on that as much as he does the coaches and the core of guys they have there, the people he's going to be around and the city itself.

 "The players were awesome to be around. They're great players and kept it real me and everything, and you can tell they love it there in Tampa," said Wallace. "They were saying how they were close but needed a few key players in key positions and I can be one of those guys that can help them turn it around. Coupled with the addition of their new head coach, they can turn the losing seasons into winning ones and get them a few championships in the near future."

He was hosted by Bulls starting senior guard Danous Estenor who also made a big impression with what he said.

"I got to hang out with Danous and he's all excited about his future playing at the next level," said Wallace. "He told me he really wished that he got a chance to play under Coach Taggart and wished he had a couple of more years left to play, because he's a great coach and is going to do great things."

The 6-foot-5, 318 pound lineman is known to versatile and will play where needed with the Bulls.

"I and play tackle the most, but play everything, tackle, guard, and center," said Wallace. "But I'll play wherever they need me to play."

Wallace was already high on USF before his visit, but the trip definitely helped how he felt about the program.

"The visit really helped. I already liked them a lot, but the trip made me like it that much more," said Wallace. "Now I got a chance to see the school, meet the coaches, the players and the new head coach, so I feel that much better about them."

"I really like Coach Shankweiler, we've been talking and he's been recruiting me since I was in high school when he was at ECU. He's really a great coach and was a big reason I've stayed interested in them. Now they got a new head coach and you don't know if they're going to bring a new staff in or not. I hope he stays, but you know how that stuff works out, and we'll cross that line when we get to it."

As to future visits, Wallace is unsure.

"I already visited ECU, and was supposed to visit Houston but canceled it. I also canceled a trip to Hawaii," said Wallace. "So I don't really know about other visits right now."

The versatile lineman said he doesn't have a list of favorites, but USF made a big impression on him.

"The big thing is whether I come out mid-year or in spring to be true with you," said Wallace. "My school didn't offer a course that I need and right now I'm trying to find it online so I can finish. That's the big hold up. Coach Taggart told me he doesn't care when I come out, he said he wants me either way."

 "I don't have a top list of schools right now and I'm open," said Wallace. "But I really like USF and they fit me perfectly to be honest with you."

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