Lattimore & Bulls get early morning Surprise

The surprises kept coming as the Bulls were awoken in the early hours Wednesday with an unexpected 4 A.M practice.

Vero Beach, FL --- South Florida's most accomplished player on defense, DeDe Lattimore has had a tremendous offseason. DeDe and teammates had two great practices on Tuesday filled with intensity and passion, but they've also had a few surprises along the way. Sophomore wide receiver D'Vario Montgomery left the team and intends to transfer, which gives the Bulls a significant blow at that position. Fast forward to 3 A.M, players are crawling out of beds to music and sirens going off to another surprise.

"I didn't know what to expect," Lattimore said. "Earlier during the week, we watched a movie called Remember The Titans. In the movie Remember The Titans, they woke up early in the morning and they were ready and prepared to face adversity. We just didn't know what to expect basically (laughter)."

With rumors spreading throughout the team regarding the early wake up, the coaches had their own set of fables they provided their squad with.

"When I had to get up, at first I was like, what's going on?" Lattimore said. "Some of the coaches were saying something about a tornado storm, hurricane, there were so many stories going on this morning." "They were like, hurry up go to the locker room. We go to the locker room and everyone was getting taped, we knew what time it was."

Provided with beautiful weather, was it worth getting out of bed in the early hours?

"Once I got out on the field, it was worth getting up," Lattimore said. Just seeing some of the guys out there happy and smiling, just running around at 4 A.M hollering. We were just so excited because it was something we've never faced. When the adversity came at 4 in the morning, we were ready."

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