A Bonding Expierence

With a fun filled week on the gridiron in Vero Beach, the Bulls found some bonding time off the gridiron with some fun in the sun.

Vero Beach, FL--- Coach Taggart's first rodeo of traveling to Vero Beach with his squad is coming close to an end. From Coach Taggart driving his bus, to crawling out of beds to sirens and loud music in the early dawn, it was quite the experience for USF. The purpose of the trip was not only for the improving on the gridiron, but for something bigger, bringing the team together as one unit, a family.

"I think the whole thought behind this whole Vero Beach deal where we come down here and practice is coming together as a football team," Taggart said. Showing an ample amount of effort and heart throughout the week, the Bulls earned some time of their own with a trip to the captivating, beautiful beach that Vero Beach provides them with.

"We had it planned out to give some free time," Taggart said. "The way we practiced this morning, to ask them to get up at 3 o'clock in the morning and go out and have a scrimmage, to have a really good scrimmage, I think it's just right to come out and them enjoy themselves."

Coach Taggart is starting to rub off on his team with his lust for comradery and bonding, being just as important as being a skilled football player. The veterans are starting to take the young guns under their wings, showing an immense amount of leadership.

"It's as important as any aspect of the game," Junior WR Andre Davis added. "To come together as a team and bond as a team because during the season, everything is just so fast. These camp days you can't get back, it's great to bond as a team and it's going to make us that much better."

Coach Taggart's Bulls arrive back in Tampa Saturday evening on August 17th.

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